The Berkey® Base

    The Berkey® Base, made of durable Lexan® polymer (the same material used to make bullet
    proof glass) is designed to fit under most gravity filtration systems including the Big Berkey®,
    the Travel Berkey® and Berkey Light® systems etc.

    The Berkey® Base elevates gravity purification systems enabling containers to fit under the
    spigots. This allows a gravity purifiers to be used directly on the ground or situated anywhere on
    a flat surface and eliminates the requirement that the purifier be placed on the edge of a table or
    counter. The base has an optional eight-lamp LED lighting system (Not recommended for Travel
    Berkey® systems). This allows optimum use during no or low light conditions. Used with
    transparent Berkey Light™ systems, the light shines through the water causing the droplets of
    filtered water to light up and glow. The resulting waves reflect soothing patterns of light onto the
    surrounding area. The lighting effects coupled with the melody of raindrops, combine to create a
    unique and relaxing atmosphere.

    The eight LED lamps within the base are the perfect night light and the WHITE LED's are bright
    enough to provide a long lasting low energy source of reading light, emergency light, a camping
    light as well as a beacon for water in no or low light conditions. The COBALT BLUE LED's are
    beautiful and are a real eye catcher. Additionally, the LED lamps are directional so the base can
    also be used as a stand-alone emergency flashlight.

The                                              Anywhere                                         Anywhere Water Filter
See below for sample blue LED reading:
See below for sample white LED reading:

    LED lights are unique in that they require very small amounts of energy and yet are very bright,
    in fact, the LED's can be spotted for over one mile in dark environments. This enables the LED to
    be illuminated all night long on a single charge of the internal rechargeable batteries. The
    Berkey® Base comes complete with an AC adapter allowing the base to be powered by a
    standard AC current. When the LED's are switched off, the AC adapter automatically begins
    recharging the batteries. When utilizing the optional Berkey Battery Adapter™ case, the low
    energy LED's will provide light (8 hours per night) for approximately two weeks on a single set of
    four AA alkaline batteries. Incredibly, you get two weeks of emergency light for the price of one
    set of small AA batteries. When standard electrical power is unavailable, the optional Berkey MP
    Solar™ charger can be used to recharge the Berkey® Base batteries during daylight hours for
    later use at night. The Berkey MP Solar™ charger also has its own internal batteries which can
    also be used to power the Berkey® Base or other applications.

    The LED lamps can be powered by the internal rechargeable batteries (included with LED base),
    the AC adapter (included with LED base), the Berkey Battery Adapter™ case (optional) and
    the Berkey MP Solar™ charger (optional).

    The flexibility of the Berkey® Base allows for its use as a long-term source of lighting in
    environments where electrical power is unavailable. Where electricity is available, the AC adapter
    allows for continuous use. The bright LED lamps have an average life of 100,000 hours, which is
    more than 11 years of continuous use.

    The Berkey® Base is currently available in three versions; without lights, with bright white
    lights and with beautiful cobalt blue lights. The base without lights is designed for situations
    where elevation of the gravity filter is desired without the need for any auxiliary lighting. Cobalt
    blue is designed with beauty in mind and is for use in situations where it is desirable to enhance
    the ambiance of the surrounding atmosphere. It is simply beautiful. The white LED version is
    designed for practical use in situations where emergency or auxiliary lighting may be required.
    The lights are bright enough to be useful as a reading-light, night-light, flash-light or room-light.
Closeup of White LED Base
Closeup of Plain Base
Berkey® Base -B
Cobalt Blue
Height 5.125”
Diameter 8 5/8”
Berkey® Base -W
Bright White
Height 5.125”
Diameter 8 5/8”
Berkey® Base -P
Height 5.125”
Diameter 8 5/8”

Berkey® water filters have become the standard of excellence by which all other
water filtration systems are measured. You deserve the freshest, cleanest water
possible from the world's most superior water filtration systems.
$79 LED Base - pick 1
$29 Berkey Base without LED
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