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The elements of Colloidal Mineral Max supplement charted below
are listed according to their relative concentration 1-40 respectively

The following chart is a list of  body elements as they are found on
the periodical chart. They are labeled by color as principle or
secondary body elements. Also the trace elements and elements not
used by the body as well as the elements that are known to have
deleterious effects on the human body are listed and have their own
color. In addition, each element found on the periodic chart that the
body uses, is given a relative concentration number found on the
lowest line of each element box.

The charted body element data is useful when determining what
elements you would want in a broad spectrum mineral supplement,
namely: primary elements, secondary elements,  
trace minerals
and their relative concentration of use in the body.   In
addition listed elements with
no known use in the body and those
elements toxic to the body.  THE CHARTED INFORMATION
SPELLS OUT a reasonable pathway for choosing  mineral
supplementation to maintain NECESSARY NATURAL BALANCE.
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