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Ultra colloidal gold 50ppm

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Elixir of Gold 50ppm
Elixir Colloidal Gold 50ppm
Historically the use of gold according to Laurence Gardner’s
research in “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Arc” dates back even
before the time of Moses. In more recent times near1890, the
German bacterioltogist Robert Koch discovered that compounds
made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that caused
Medicine.  Since then, medical uses of gold have always been on
the upswing. Gold is used in surgery to repair damaged blood
vessels, nerves, bones and membranes. Gold is also used in the
treatment of several forms of cancer such as the use of
microscopic gold pellets to retard prostate cancer in men. Women
with ovarian cancer are treated with colloidal gold.

Colloidal Gold Properties

Since gold is so chemically inert it is very safe to use in many
biologically formats. It does not corrode. It is unaffected by
moisture, oxygen or ordinary acids. It is one of the most efficient
conductors of electricity. Its density enables it to be seen under
electron microscopes. And though virtually indestructible, it is a
soft metal, easy to work with, shape, flatten or draw out into
microscopic strands.

Silver Mountain Minerals product technology for the Colloidal
Gold enables the desired ratio of production of Gold ions to Gold
colloidal particles to be determined in advance.  This enables two
separate products with diverging Ionic to colloidal ratios for the
use and applicability to various body conditions. (For details on
this question look at page entitled “Colloidal VS Ionic”)

Zulgtal Labs technology

Like other colloidal products originating from Zulgtal Labs
technology, Colloidal gold suspension of nanometer size
particulates is expected, however: the means of producing a
quality Colloidal gold product must by necessity involve the
process known as “Arc Vapor” rather than the usual electrolysis
process. Arc Vapor processes used by Zulgtal Labs are currently
achieving the smallest particulate sizes and concentrations
available in the industry. The identity marker for any gold colloid
is the presence of color, usually exhibited depending amount of
gold isotopes concentration and source anywhere between a
reddish yellow to a deep violet in color. This reddish or yellowish
liquid has been used in nanotechnology, in electronics, and in
humans as an alternative medical treatment for the broadest range
of exotic claims of any colloid in modern times. For our purposes
we will only mention a few of the more commonly recognized
body and mind applications.

Colloidal gold Uses

By using colloidal gold regularly, you are able to reduce joint
pains, increase the strength of your immune system, gain a sense
of euphoria, reduce depression, combat fatigue, and improve
circulation in your body. A research by the University of
California in 1996 has also shown that usage of colloidal gold has
of your body. One of the good things about using colloidal gold is
the fact that it is seems completely chemically neutral in the body
yet Dr Block from Houston Texas statements that most people
with Autism and ADHD having a heavy metals problem seems to
improve with Colloidal Gold. When Heavy metals like mercury
attach to brain tissue, they don’t want to let go and they can be
there almost permanently causing more damage until the body
finds a mineral for chelating them out. Silver Mountain Minerals
agrees with the science suggesting
Zeolite’s history for
attraction for heavy metals
is a good answer. Gold with Zeolite
then makes a good team in these cases to
extract with Zeolite
and repair with Gold.
Gold is the only element we have even
found making the claim for nerve regeneration or brain tissue
repair. (see Zeolite& Gold on our products list)

List of Other Potential Uses for Gold

  • Anti aging
  • Joint pain relief and health
  • Weight management
  • Circulatory health
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Body metabolism stabilization
  • Calming of the disposition
  • Used as a cure of dipsomania (uncontrollable craving for
    alcoholic liquors.)
  • Nerve Regeneration and maintenance
  • Healthy gland function
  • Harmonizes the nervous system
  • Studies showing increases in IQ
  • Diminishes rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Helps rejuvenate the glands
  • Important stabilizer of collagen
  • Helps in blood pressure stabilization
  • “Materia Medica”, (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19th Edition, 1965),
    lists Colloidal Gold as the number one remedy against
  • Elixir of Gold 50