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the originator of the "Ultra-Colloid" Mineral Supplements
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1. Zulgtal Labs (Switzerland) decades of development of
Superior Qualities, Home of the Ultra Colloid for increased
absorption factors over mainstream mineral supplements
which have rested in the hands of companies with REAL
colloidal science production, testing equipment and protocols
for quality control. Zulgtal Labs (Supplier for Silver Mountain
Minerals™ US marketing contracts) Is committed to superior
products and market base education in the US is providing
increasingly better support of the following colloidal products
analysis tests. Standardized tests are the best way to
ultimately enable consumers to differentiate poorly regulated
from products that deliver concentrated ULTRA-

2. Known history for Competitive pricing

3. Long history of excellent service, product guarantees, and
the “customer comes first” rule.
Ultra Colloidal Minerals
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