colloidal zeolite

Colloidal Zeolite
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Zeolites are minerals that have a micro-porous structure, having
water.  Zeolite minerals are negatively charged allowing them to
exchange positively charged particles with surrounding elements and
candida overgrowth and other carcinogens and viral particles. This
unique substance crystal structure absorbs toxins (detox agent) in a
complementary way inert(without affecting) existing nutritional

Silver Mountain Minerals Colloidal Zeolite is refined, cleaned, heat
treated then suspended with Angstrom-range transparent Gold ions in
distilled water. The Gold ions transfer their electrical charge to the
zeolite particles enhancing the attraction capacity of heavy metals
attraction as well as increasing “zeta potential” or particle to
partical repulsion, which prevents “agglomeration” (particles
sticking together, becoming heavier and falling out of suspension).

In addition the gold and zeolite make a good team particularly since
brain tissue mercury toxicity damage (sometimes found in autistic
patients) has been thought to be reversed/ repaired/ regenerated by
the use of gold and removed by the use of zeolite.

DOSAGE:  Even though the bottle contains a dosage suggestion  “1\2
ounce” this can only be considered a guideline since it is not taken as
a food supplement and the purposes and conditions for use vary so
widely from person to person.
Zeolite Colloid
  • Zeolite Colloid
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