health benefits Ultra colloidal broad spectrum

Ultra colloidal broad spectrum

“Colloid-a-Scope” is a kaleidoscope of essential trace elements, and
since it takes minerals to get minerals, its a good one to use
regardless of which other supplements you may choose.

Statistically speaking among minerals the non soluble class is
already a huge depletion problem among most populations.


The number of milligrams a liter of water can carry of non soluble
mineral particulate “colloids” is just a small fraction of the
concentration that water can carry in soluble form.

Water treatment processes remove mineral colloids.
Farming soils have become trace mineral deplete over years of
abuse and use of “narrow spectrum” fertilizers.

For the above reasons and others Silver Mountain Minerals is
providing dietary supplement colloids chosen among the statisticly
most likely deplete among US populations

“Colloid-A-Scope”, one of our most unique product is a translucent
concentrate of the most commonly depleted insoluble vital trace
elements balanced to similar elemental proportions found in the
human body.

Since various trace minerals vary in relative concentration more than
a million times, PROPORTION is a SERIOUS MATTER. For this
reason Silver Mountain Minerals™ has gathered the most likely
deficit 12 essential trace minerals into a concentrate, proportioned
them accordingly and placed them all in the same colloidal
supplement, appropriately named “COLLOID- A- SCOPE“.


Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Tin, Vanadium, Chromium, Cobalt,
Molybdenum, Silver, Gold & Platinum particles suspended in
distilled water.
“Colloid-A- Scope”
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