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The Quickest Fix for Heart Disease Calcium Magnesium Zinc
by James on May 14, 2010

According to Dr. Williams: “It isn’t bypass surgery or clean living”.
Here’s how to cure angina in fourteen days for under $14…..Go
to your Doctor with angina and he or she will bundle you off to the
hospital for a $10 thousand dollar angiogram and a $50 thousand
dollar bypass.

Go to a decent alternative physician, and he will fill a huge
shopping bag with hawthorn tea, CoQ10, bromelain, magnesium,
taurine, L-carnitine, garlic, omega-3 oils, and then he will urge you
to eat more vegetables, and join a gym.

Fine advice, but are you doing it? Of course not. No wonder so
many folks opt for the bypass! Well relax, because the quickest,
easiest, and most amazing effortless cure for angina Dr Williams
has ever investigated isn’t any of these things.

ZINC. I repeat, zinc. In way less time than it takes to recover from
a bypass, zinc could lick the whole problem forever. Fourteen
days, fourteen dollars worth of zinc, and you are done.

Before you laugh, why not give me a listen? Afterall, this cure
couldn’t be safer or cheaper and it was developed by …..

A Medical legend. If you have ever relieved a cold with zinc
lozenges, thank Dr. George Eby.
He did the original research on zinc and colds, and I have been in
close contact with him for over fifteen years. Like many true
breakthroughs, his angina cure was….

Discovered by accident. After one of Dr Eby’s many clinical trials
for the cold lozenges, something weird happened. One of the
patients demanded a lot more of what he had been taking. He didn’
t care if it was a placebo or zinc…..he wanted more.

Turns out the man had, had angina for fifteen years, and yet after
just five days of taking Dr Eby’s zinc formula, the angina
vanished. Prior to this the poor fellow hadn’t even been helped by

Now this man’s angina was suddenly gone, his blood pressure was
normal, his heart was in great shape…..

Coincidence, right? Wrong. Dr Eby launched a trial using this high
zinc dosage for angina patients. In practically every case, it worked

Dr Eby then dug up earlier research. He found studies as far back
as 1968, showing dramatic results for angina patients. He even
looked up statistics on Polish miners, only to find out that they had
a huge reduction in their incidence of angina.

Dr Williams checked it all out. He also cross-examined patients
who tried it. They swear by it. Remarkably, too, it doesn’t just
dilate the arteries, but actually seems to cleanse them.

Colloidal Vs Ionic – Mineral Debate Summary:

by admin on May 3, 2010

All electro-colloidal processes produce both particles “Colloids”
and “Ions” in the same solution.

“Colloids” are groups of atoms in suspension.   “Ions” are
single atoms in suspension  having  opposite charges.
Labs is one of a very few in the world with the technical
proprietary process that enable them to precisely control the Ionic
to Colloidal particle ratio.
If  the primary question apposing parties debate is “Which is more
bio-available or effective?”  Ionic or Colloidal minerals?   THEN:   
Regardless of the choice you finally make Zulgtal Labs make two
products.  One, a 50 PPM Colloidal maximum concentration, and
the other a 240 PPM medium concentration colloid + High  Ionic
NOTE: Any product claiming a PPM concentration of pure
Colloidal particles (No additives, proteins, salts, etc) exceeding 55
PPM in a  mg\L measurement is a FAIRY TALE. The PPM
calibrated TDS conductivity measurements for Ionic
concentrations may exceed 500 PPM but exhibit little gained
benefit exceeding 250 PPM and would begin to have unnatural
negative influences on the body over 1000PPM

consider the following:

A. Higher Colloidal Ratio products seem to have more “Staying

B. Higher Ionic Ratio products seem to be faster acting.

C. Both products if taken internally are significantly pre-absorption
enhanced if “swished   in the mouth”  for a few moments.

D. Ionic products have little agglomeration problems (Sediment)
and are usually not light   sensitive, a good way to identify a poor
colloid having sediment on the bottom.

E. Concentration in a colloid will have a strong silver taste which is
less taste identifiable in an Ionic concentrate.

The secondary question being asked is “Which properties of Ionic
mineral solutions or Colloidal Mineral solutions are the most
desirable? For this reason we have devoted significant  analysis
and research which is presented on this site under the heading title:

“Quality Check List”
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