MMS protocols


This is an interesting quote
from the gentleman pictured to
the right.

Jim Humble: "I  hope  you  do
not  think that
The Miracle Mineral Supplement
(MMS) is   just  another   very
interesting  supplement  that
can help some  people after  
taking  it for several months.
Not so. MMS often  works  in a  
few hours.  It  destroys  the #1
killer of mankind, malaria, in 4  
hours. The  victim  goes  back
to work  the next  day. If
patients  in the  nearest  
hospital  were  treated  with
this  Miracle Mineral, over  50%
of them  would be  back  home
within  a week.
Jim Humble The man
behind MMS 1 & 2
This is another interesting quote from
Jim Humble

"There is  nothing  else, and this
combination  results in  the  most
powerful killer of  pathogens  known  to
man.  It has been  used  in  stock   yards  
to  kill pathogens  on  meat,  and on  
slaughtered chickens;  it  has  been  
used   to sterilize hospital   floors  and
benches,  and to  kill pathogens  in
water  works  without  killing friendly   
bacteria  for  over  70 years.

Now  this  same  formula  is  used   in
the body, and  the  same situation  
results.  No damage is done to the body,
but the pathogens are destroyed. In its
powerful form MMS is chlorine dioxide
that reverts back to harmless chloride
and neutralized oxygen. It leaves
nothing behind to build up."
Long black bacteria is intact
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Jim Humble The man
behind MMS 1 & 2
MMS Miracle Book
This e-Book contains
protocols and testimonies
gathered over 2.5 years of
working with people who
have experienced great
success with MMS.
These are true encounters
with real people.
MMS/CD/CDS  *we know it as WPD -
Water Purification Drops
MMS Forum
Lots of MMS stories
and uses
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Red Cross Malaria Cases
100% Success!:
Amazing as it might seem, when used  correctly, the  immune system
can  use this  killer to  only attack  those  germs, bacteria, viruses,
molds, and  other micro organisms that  are  harmful  to  the  body. It
does  not  affect  friendly  bacteria, including  the intestinal  flora, nor  
healthy  cells."
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MMS - Jim Humble - Products
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It  has  been  proven  that  chlorine  in  drinking  water  creates  at  least three different carcinogenic
compounds when it enters the body,
but no  such  compounds  have  been  found  from  chlorine  dioxide.   

"The  American  Society  of  Analytical  Chemists  stated  in  1999  that  
chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man."