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petrochemical fertilizers on commercial farmland as recommended by the powerful oil lobby.

As farmers abandoned their time-honored organic fertilizers, public health began to suffer — slowly at first, and
then accelerating into an epidemic covering a variety of ailments, such as arthritis, autism, cancer, diabetes, heart
disease, and Alzheimer’s.

A detailed study started in 1999 reveals that the extensive use of chemical fertilizers for food production interrupts
the natural sulfur cycle, and that adding back organic sulfur to the daily diet can have a beneficial effect,
particularly for the elderly who are in their 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Early results of an experimental study using Organic Sulfur

By Patrick McGean, Director
Cellular Matrix Study

The Cellular Matrix Study (referred to here as “The Sulfur Study”) was organized in 1999. This study was inspired
by a fatal type of breast cancer, a type of germ cell reproductive cancer that had been reported to respond to
organic sulfur.

While researching this cancer, it became obvious that the sulfur cycle plays an important role in the regeneration
of our cells. The Study also found that the use of chemical fertilizers had effectively broken the sulfur cycle in
countries that use these fertilizers.

Diseases we hadn’t even heard of have become typical, cancer has grown at an unprecedented rate, and the
quality of our food has been greatly diminished. Is there a correlation here?

Since 1954, rates of disease in the U.S. have gone up approximately 4,000 percent. And in 1954, chemical
fertilizers were mandated by our government. Fertilizers such as ammonium nitrates and sulfates, which lack
bioavailability, appear to have broken the sulfur cycle. This appears to have contributed to the decline of our
health, wealth, mental acuity, and quality of life. We believe that when the Study is completed, it will clearly
demonstrate a connection between the lack of sulfur and the inability of cells to regenerate in a healthy manner.

Linus Pauling said that all modern diseases can be attributed to a mineral deficiency. Though Pauling is best
known for his work with vitamin C, his statement was about minerals. Most researchers say that sulfur is one of the
most important of the trace minerals, around the fourth to sixth most important.

What Sulfur Does

Sulfur enables the transport of oxygen across cell membranes, and oxygen is necessary for healthy cellular
regeneration in mammals. Plants, on the other hand, require carbon dioxide for cell regeneration, and plants can
store sulfur, while man cannot. Man eliminates carbon dioxide, and plants eliminate oxygen. Thus, the sulfur cycle
is symbiotic and vital for life as we know it.

When many health professionals are asked about sulfur, they state as if reading from a cue card, “We get all the
sulfur we need from the food we eat.” That was true until man decided to change the way we grow our food and
what we feed our crops.

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Disease can not be cured if health is no longer being created.
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