Organic Sulfur It changes peoples lives
Sulfur – Number 16 on the Periodic Table of Elements – is one of the six basic building blocks of life and is
essential for maintaining our health. Most people, however, are sulfur-deficient due to food processing methods,
poor dietary habits, and the prevailing deployment of chemical fertilizers on commercial farmland that interrupts
the natural sulfur cycle by preventing crops from ingesting the mineral from the soil.

Moreover, if you’ve been living on planet earth for any length of time, you’ve been exposed to an ever-increasing
variety of dangerous substances such as genetically modified foods, pesticides, vaccines, nuclear radiation fallout,
benzene and other petrochemicals, fluoride, anabolic steroids, and atmospheric pollutants, just to name a few.

Generation Rescue ad published in USA Today, June 8, 2005
With all these deadly poisons bombarding us at once, it’s vitally important to give our bodies the means to fight
back and reverse any damage.

While following a healthy dietary program is ideal, it’s not always possible in this day and age to avoid all food
products that are heavily laced with chemical herbicides and fertilizers or engineered in a lab.

Fortunately, there exists a crystalline food supplement derived from a natural plant source that can convert these
deadly poisons into non-toxic sulfates that can be safely eliminated from our bodies. That supplement is organic
sulfur (aka methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM).
Disease can not be cured if health is no longer being created.
That which is healthy causes health, that which is unhealthy causes disease.
organic sulfur
Chemical and Heavy Metal Cleansing with Zeotrex
Zeotrex is a scientifically
formulated supplement
that uses the power
nano-colloidal zeolites
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and heavy metals. A
clean, toxin-free body is
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