Organic Sulfur It changes peoples lives
Can organic sulfur be used topically as a health aid?

Reader asks: I read online that DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) can be applied topically to the body to
provide various health benefits. What about organic sulfur? In addition to consuming sulfur
internally, can it also provide many health benefits by applying the product directly on the skin or
face or another part of the anatomy?

Put a small amount of organic sulfur on your toothbrush and apply it like toothpaste directly on
your gums. Perform this procedure several times a week. In time, you should begin to see an
overall improvement in the health of your gums. As noted on
Chris Kresser’s health website, sulfur
is necessary for collagen synthesis, which gives skin its structure and strength.

Organic sulfur can also be dissolved in water and used as an eye drop solution as a way to address
certain visionary issues by regenerating the cells in the eyes. To create the eye drops, mix one
teaspoon of sulfur in four ounces of hot tap water and pour the dissolved solution into a small
spray bottle. Spray the sulfur-and-water mixture into the corner of your eyes (caution: let the
sulfur mixture cool sufficiently before applying directly to the eyes).

While the
Cellular Matrix Study has no confirmed cases of blind individuals who have regained
their sight by applying eye drops containing sulfur, there have been other reports where
ophthalmologists have called their patients to ask what happened to the cataracts, corneal
dystrophy, macular degeneration, or lens occlusion that they were going to remove surgically.
Study Director Patrick McGean notified me that he has been regularly spraying his eyes with a
sulfur solution for years and has seen his prescription improve from minus 4 to minus 3.

McGean spent many years photographing people’s eyes and faces when he worked in the medical
field. He said that the hyaloid artery runs from the optic nerve to the posterior lens capsule and
may lose its original patent state and
become occluded when a person enters his or her 40s. Our
diets are inherently deficient in natural sulfur, and McGean has found that when organic sulfur is
included in the diet, the hyaloid can regain its patent status. Internally consuming just a teaspoon of
organic sulfur, twice a day, contains as much sulfur as eating a pound of garlic.


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Organic Sulfur It changes peoples lives