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Sulfur amino acids: What they are and why they are important

Sulfur amino acids such as methionine, cysteine, homocysteine and taurine help
with the flexibility of connective tissue and are absolutely essential for
detoxification in the liver and elsewhere.
Iodine and Your Health (Part 1) Presented by Jerome

Iodine, like sulfur, is an essential nutrient. In this YouTube clip, Jerome
Chambless tells why iodine is not only important for our thyroid, but also for
our immune system.
How soon will I see positive changes from taking sulfur?

Let’s address that commonly asked question by focusing on the cause of many
modern illnesses via a passing nod to that time-honored expression, ‘Rome was
not built in a day.’
Would more money fix America’s health crisis?

In a 2013 article published in The Atlantic, the U.S. was ranked dead last among
17 developed nations that were rated with regards to overall health. The report
stated that among those countries, Americans had:

• The highest chance that a child will die before age 5
• The second-highest rate of death by coronary heart disease
• The second-highest rate of death by lung disease
What can I do to prevent organic sulfur from making me feel
achy, bloated, and angry?

UK reader writes: I have been attempting to take organic sulfur daily starting
with a tiny 0.5 ml scoop. I experience a burst of energy early in the day, followed
by anger, tearfulness, and herxheimer symptoms later on in the same day and
the days afterwards. My urine also turns clear and colorless. And I feel very
bloated of water after taking sulfur.
Can organic sulfur invigorate a person’s sex drive?

A 36-year-old mother tells my supplier, Patrick McGean, about some of the
visible changes that she noticed after she started taking organic sulfur.
Can organic sulfur be used topically as a health aid?

Reader asks: I read online that DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) can be applied
topically to the body to provide various health benefits. What about organic
sulfur? In addition to consuming sulfur internally, can it also provide many
health benefits by applying the product directly on the skin or face or another
part of the anatomy?
Disease can not be cured if health is no longer being created.
That which is healthy causes health, that which is unhealthy causes disease.
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