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How soon will I see positive changes from taking sulfur?

Let’s address that commonly asked question by focusing on the cause of many
modern illnesses via a passing nod to that time-honored expression, ‘Rome was
not built in a day.’

If your particular health condition can be attributed to years, if not decades, of
exposure to various toxins in your food, air, and water, doesn’t it seem
unreasonable to expect positive changes to suddenly manifest in your body
after taking a simple food supplement like organic sulfur for a period of a few
days? Moreover, if you continue to follow the same dietary and lifestyle patterns
that led to your illness, can you truly expect beneficial results to be maintained
over the long term?

I think you would agree that nobody has the exact same health history and body
chemistry as you do. There are many participating in the Cellular Matrix Study
who elect to take organic sulfur who do not suffer from any major illness and
simply add the essential mineral to their diet to detoxify daily and maintain their
overall health. On the other hand, there are thousands of study members who
are taking the supplement to address one or more health issues or auto-
immune diseases. The time needed for an unwell body to respond positively to
sulfur is not consistent. For instance, while someone who suffers from sudden
back or joint pain may notice rapid improvement within as little as a few days, it
may take months or even years for an individual afflicted with a more serious
condition like candida, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s disease, or multiple sclerosis.

The Cellular Matrix Study is a global research project with more than 300,000
active participants who are taking sulfur on a regular basis. Each participant is
essential to the success of the project, for it is the members themselves who
reveal what health conditions are helped directly by sulfur and how fast the
process works.

When you begin your organic sulfur regimen, here’s a simple procedure you
can use to monitor your progress over time: Before taking your first dose of
organic sulfur, photograph your face (front view). After 4 weeks have passed,
capture a few more pictures of your face. Follow up with additional
photographs after another month. Compare the differences and notice how
your skin looks and feels.

Got sulfur?
Disease can not be cured if health is no longer being created.
That which is healthy causes health, that which is unhealthy causes disease.
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