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What can I do to prevent organic sulfur from making me feel
achy, bloated, and angry?

UK reader writes: I have been attempting to take organic sulfur daily starting with
a tiny 0.5 ml scoop. I experience a burst of energy early in the day, followed by
anger, tearfulness, and herxheimer symptoms later on in the same day and the days
afterwards. My urine also turns clear and colorless. And I feel very bloated of water
after taking sulfur.

I am a 33-year-old, 200 lb male, about 5 foot 8 inches tall. My daily water intake
on days when I do NOT take sulfur is at least 4.5 litres (152 US Oz). On days
when I do take sulfur, it is at least 5.5 litres (185.9 US Oz) and sometimes as high
as 6.5 litres (219.7 US Oz). I am using the Akai water filtration system. The pH of
the water is between 8-9. Could my water intake be higher than what is

I have experimented with varying dosages and shall describe some of my
experiences below:

Days 1 and 2: 1 tsp in morning.
Day 3: 1 tsp both morning AND afternoon.
Day 4: 1 tsp in morning AND 1 TABLESPOON mid morning-afternoon. No
unbearable reactions and no obvious bloating at the end of day 4.
Day 5: 1 tsp in morning. Afterward, felt severely bloated, experienced
headaches, and spent most of the day in bed.

My adverse sulfur reactions have caused me to be very concerned about the
dosage. So, I took several weeks off and reduced my dosage to 1 tsp in the
morning only, and monitored how I was. While I still felt severe bloating and
anger, at least I didn’t experience any headaches.

Detox reactions like anger, tearfulness and so on I am prepared for. But it is the
bloating and associated feeling of not being able to take in more water or sulfur
that is a concern (and possibly making the detox worse because I feel I cannot
ingest more sulfur or water when I am bloated).

The bloating reaction feels as though something has been mobilised and needs
to get out of my body but my organs just cannot process it fast enough or at the
rate required. Of course, whether that is actually what is going on, I could not
say but that is what it feels like.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can tolerate taking more sulfur on a daily
basis in larger doses than I have been? Many thanks in advance!

PS. My mother has a mouth almost full of mercury-containing dental amalgam
fillings and had this during my conception and birth. I, too, have mercury
amalgams and show symptoms of mercury toxicity, such as timidity, shyness,
and blushing.

Weighing 200 lbs, you fit the profile of an individual whose body weight and
type require more than the standard dosage of organic sulfur, which is 1
teaspoon twice a day. Reviewing your feedback, I noted that you did not have an
adverse reaction when one of the doses that you took on day 4 amounted to 1
tablespoon of sulfur.

On page 151 of his groundbreaking book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water,
Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj stated that the minimum amount of water we
should all drink daily is 6-8 glasses.

If we assume that an average-sized glass holds 8 ounces, then we’re talking
about drinking at least 48-64 ounces per day. When you were starting to take
sulfur, you were consuming around three times the suggested amount of water.
Based on how your body reacted, it seems reasonable to conclude that the
bloating you have been experiencing is not due to the sulfur, but rather because
you have been trying to take in an excessive amount of water that could almost
be called a flood.

Follow a level of consistency when taking sulfur and watch your biology
respond. When you vary the amount of sulfur that you consume on a daily
basis, doing so can cause the type of reaction that you describe, which is not a
true Herx. Two teaspoons (8 grams) of sulfur twice a day – double the standard
dosage – is what your weight level calls for. While I’m not licensed to practice
medicine and can’t offer professional medical advice, my sense is that your
adverse reactions should begin to dissipate when you increase your sulfur
dosage to the level appropriate for your weight (two teaspoons twice a day) and
reduce your daily water intake to around 96-100 ounces.

Finally, I am not familiar with the Akai filtering system and don’t have the
knowledge or background to comment on its pH levels or suitability when it’s
included in an organic sulfur regimen. On the other hand, I do know that sulfur
should not be dissolved in water obtained from the cold tap of your kitchen
faucet, as that water source normally contains chlorine, which blocks the uptake
of sulfur. On the other hand, it’s perfectly fine to dissolve sulfur in water
obtained from the hot faucet, as that water source isn’t chlorinated.
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