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Structured - Magnetic Water
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Magnetized Water
Is Bioavailable
Structured Water
The result is optimal hydration.

The H2O ENERGIZER makes any water more biofriendly
and therefore more bioavailable, to the cells. Magnation's
proprietary Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance
reduces and restructures oversized water molecule
clusters into smaller hexagonal-shaped clusters that are
recognized by the into the cell structure. This fuller
hydration, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients
while transporting out metabolic waste,
allows the body to operate at a higher state of health.

This is why it works:
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Magnation's Amazing Magnetic Water Results
Home & Garden
You can also maximize absorption of nutrition by pouring
your liquid supplements through the H2O Energizer before drinking.
Magnetized Water
Is Bioavailable
Structured Water
Use the 3/4" home unit with
your water hose for vegetable
gardens & flowers gardens.
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