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Some companies always tout particle size.

A company with little real scientific standing will try to confuse potential clients
with useless data that is very general in nature, and that in reality has
nothing to do with the effectiveness of their product. Often this data sounds
quite impressive. But this data is many times just copied or quoted from some
doctor or scientist who did work on old silver products in the early or middle
1900′s. Big red flags should go up if a company just touts particle size and/or
whether or not the product is colloidal or ionic. The argument of particle size
is just a useless theory that states that smaller is somehow better. Focusing
on particle size is just a smokescreen for the fact that these companies have
no real or reliable data to talk about. Those companies who have real data,
talk about it. Those who do not, often just argue about particle size. Unless
you can back it with real data, particle size means nothing.

The real question is not which product has the smallest particle size, but
rather which company has been able to engineer their particle size to be
optimal (the most effective or broad spectrum) while keeping in mind that the
amount of silver used has to be low enough to be safe for everyday family
consumption. It is true that if a particle is too large it is of little use. It is also
true that if a particle is too small it becomes ionic and much less useful,
because ionic silver can be influenced or bound up by too many other
chemical relationships in the body.

The fact remains that particle size is only important if the product actually
works, and the only way to know if a product actually works is to have
reliable, independent test data that proves it. Any good company which has
reliable, independent test data should be able to show it to you upon
request. The test data should include test time periods (how long it took to
work), how much was used in the test (the quantity used to get the results)
and how strong the silver content was (what ppm levels were used). It is also
important to look for the name of the independent lab that did the work. Very
few companies have any test data at all, not even in-vivo (living) safety data.
The little information that is available from these companies and given out or
shown to potential clients, is many times completed by their own in-house
laboratories where they can make up any data they want. Good test work will
have the name of a quality or reputable lab associated with it. Look for a
signed copy..

We do not know of any. Because this product has not yet gone through all
the rigorous tests of the FDA, we cannot be 100% positive at this time. Many
people have, however, taken large amounts of colloidal silver for years with
no side effects. Finally, it appears that silver quickly becomes widely
dispersed throughout the body and does not concentrate in any particular
organ that it might damage.

Individuals who have taken the Super Silver® for an extended period of time
report no negative gastro-intestinal side effects. This may be because most
of the silver solution is processed by the kidneys and does not even enter
the large intestine. If the small amount of silver solution that enters into the
large intestine were to kill some of the helpful bacteria, the density of
bacteria is so great in the large intestine that they quickly multiply to regain
their normal level.

Absolutely NOT!

It might appear that all silver solutions are interchangeable. After all, they are
tiny particles of silver in purified water. The only room for difference would
seem to be the concentration. However, this is not true.

No, two colloidal silver solutions with the same concentration might produce
very different effects. Super Silver Solution® has been shown, in recent tests
conducted by a University Microbiology Laboratory, to have a greater affect
on the immune system than other silver product.

The 50th clinicial study was just completed but the FDA will not let us tell you
about the studies because if we do, Super Silver would be considered a drug
and we could not sell it to you.
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**These suggestions are not intended to be either exclusive or inviolable. It is important that one consult his or her health
care professional in the context of any problems or treatments. Nothing reported is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or
prevent any disease.

It is recommended that one take at least 1 tablespoon, twice daily for age 12-adults and 2 teaspoons twice daily for children
ages 5-11. For children 4 and under, 1 teaspoon twice daily is recommended. This product should not be taken in place of
an antibiotic recommended by your healthcare provider.**
Suggestions For Use of Super Silver 10 ppm

To Super Charge your immune system or to keep yourself healthy- Adults take 2-3 teaspoons a day, swish & hold in mouth
as long as possible then swallow.

If you feel something coming on Adults start taking 2-3 tablespoons per day ( you can gargle as well).

If you are already sick take 1 teaspoon an hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 2-3 tablespoons a day for at least 7-10 days.
CHILDREN- Under 5 use smallest dose suggested

To Super Charge your immune system or just to keep healthy- Give Children 1/2-1 teaspoon once or twice a day, swish
then hold in mouth as long as possible then swallow.

If your child feels something coming on … start taking or gargling 1 -2 teaspoons once or twice per day for at least 7-10

If your child is already sick give them 1/2 teaspoon per hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 1-3 teaspoons one or twice a
day for at least 7-10 days.
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