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Drawing on 30 years of experience in bio-medical
research and clinical medicine, Dr. Joel Wallach leads
you through self-diagnosis and treatment of over 400
ailments and diseases. Sections also explain the
following topics:

  • How to read your own medical charts

  • Homebirthing

  • How to create a functional medical library

  • How to create a functional home pharmacy

  • How to use minerals and herbs to prevent many
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* Paperback: 353 pages
* Publisher: Wellness Publication  (Fifth Edition 2002)
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Let's Play Doctor
"Everyone should read Dr. Wallach's book Let's Play Doctor!  Everyone can improve
his/her health condition and avoid disease and debilitation by following the preventive
and essentially nutritional method so clearly demonstrated in
Let's Play Doctor!"
                                                                                  Edmond de Vroey, MD
                                                                                              San Diego, CA

"In my opinion, Let's Play Doctor! is the best self-help book available today!  It's health
care made easy!  It's so easy to understand that my 22-year-old son, Mike, was able to
successfully diagnose and solve his aunt's skin problem when three dermatologists were
unable to help her!"
Char Murphy
                                                                                                         Ada, MI

Let's Play Doctor!
is my health bible!  Three orthopedic surgeons, three rheumatologists,
an internist, an endocrinologist and a podiatrist couldn't give me relief or fix my osteoarthritis
in 12 years.  I was totally bedridden.  The Pig Arthritis Formula in
Let's Play Doctor! totally
rehabilitated me in 90 days!"  
Inga Reagen
                                                                                 Desert Hot Springs, CA  

"With a hip that felt like a bag of gravel I looked and felt like a 'cripple'.  After 13 months
with two medical doctors and a physical therapist, I thought I would never recover.  
Let's Play Doctor! gave me the details of how I could nurture my body with all 90 essential
nutrients.  My hip injury responded to full recovery as well as all the other problems
I had 'learned  to live with', i.e. Headaches, bone spurs, low blood sugar and osteoporosis
of the jaw!"
Robert L. Snook
                                                                                                  Littleton, CO

"There is probably no better place for the layman at present to gain initial information on
the burgeoning field of alternative medicine than with this book.  Written in an entertaining
and easy to understand manner, this book encourages prevention, the use of natural
medicines,minerals and vitamins, and describes treatments for more than 400 diseases or
conditions.  Dr. Wallach's occasionally provocative assertions are guaranteed ti dismay cloased
minds and to delight open ones.  Stepping on toes, smashing sacred cows, contradicting
conventional wisdom, have always been trademarks of Dr. Wallach's style.  Having known Dr.
Wallach for almost 20 years, i have learned the value of his many years of experience and broad
insights: he is probably right far more than the establishment wishes."
G.N. Schrauzer, Ph.D.
                                                                                              San Diego, CA
Another Great Addition for Your Health Library
LET'S PLAY DOCTOR is the book "Orthodox" Doctors
Couldn't Kill.

  • How to maximize your genetic potential
  • for health and longevity.
  • Become your own Primary health care provider
  • Learn the Alternative Healing Arts
  • Establish your own health clinic
  • Establish a home pharmacy Home Surgery
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