Live Foods Live Bodies
By the author of the # 1 New York Times
Best seller:  
The Power of Juicing

Jay Kordich’s
Live Foods Live Bodies
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Discover our  Personal Secrets to Vital
Health.  Stamina and Longevity through the
Power of Living Foods in just 30 days.

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Editorial Reviews

Michael Murray, N.D.
"Jay Kordich is a Master Teacher in the world today on Juicing and Living Foods ..."

John Westerdahl, PhD, Castle Medical Center
"Jay Kordich is a goldmine of knowledge on juicing, enzymes and living foods."

Bernard Jensen, D.C., PhD.
"Jay Kordich is the one to listen to!"

Book Description
Discover how to create your own Living Kitchen, prepare Super Salads in just minutes, lose
weight, and break free from addictive foods and negative thinking! Changing from the inside
out is the key to transforming your life. Teaching from experience, Linda’s expertise in this
subject is vast, yet very easy to incorporate.

Live Foods BUILD Live Bodies!
• Learn how to prepare living food meals in minutes
• Learn how to build what the Kordich’s’ call Your Own Living Kitchen
• Discover the secrets to enzymes – the answer to superior digestion.
• Take Jay’s quick three day cleansing diet to jump start your life.
• Journey with Jay as he takes us through his top 12 secret juice recipes he has been
using  or close to 60 years.
• Use Jay and Linda’s top power foods from the longest living civilizations in the world very
few Americans know about.

From the Publisher
"In 1948, Jay Kordich started sharing his experience and knowledge through teaching all
who would listen about juice therapy, because it was juicing that changed his life forever. 40
years later he created one of the first infomercials on television, won many awards and
reached New York Times #1 bestseller status.

Jay has sold close to $1 billion is juicers, and is now sharing the second part of his
message: "I first brought you 'The Power of Juicing,' now I give you the Power of Living
Foods with 'Live Foods --Live Bodies.'"

About the Author
Jay Kordich is most famous for launching the entire juicing message on TV for over 15
years. His fame brought him world-wide success. Jay has studied living foods and juicing his
entire adult life, after overcoming cancer which had derailed a promising professional football

He has sold over 2 million books from his #1 New York Times bestseller, "The Power of
Juicing." He is also responsible for selling nearly $1 billion worth of juicers throughout the
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