Let's Play Herbal Doctor
    Let's Play Herbal Doctor

We are living at a time when the successes of "Modern Medicine" are
overshadowed by the great harm, unexpected side effects, and death
caused by it's drugs and procedures.

* Learn about the pharmacological properties of plant herbs
* The history of herbal medicine
* Herbal Remedies
* Herbal Medicine    
* Botanical Medicine  
* Learn how herbs work
* Active constituents of medicinal herbs
* Growing, harvesting, selecting, storage and processing of herbs

* Medicinal Plants and Phytochemicals      
Another Great Addition for Your Health Library
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* Paperback: 469 pages
* Publisher: Wellness Publication  (Oct 2002)
$19.90   in stock

Editorial Reviews

If you are among the millions of people interested in
regaining or maintaining your health you will find
Let's Play Herbal Doctor an invaluable addition to your
personal health library.  It is the perfect companion to
Dr. Wallach's and Dr. Ma Lan's other self-help books
Let's Play Doctor, Rare Earths: Forbidden
, and Dead Doctor's don't Lie.