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* 2 CD Set
* Publisher: Wellness Publication  (2007)
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Jay Kordich & Dr. Wallach
have joined forces to share with you their beliefs on
why juicing and the plant derived colloidal minerals
are partners in keeping you healthy so that you can
reach a healthy one hundred years old.
Juice Cures
  • Plant derived colloidal minerals & juicing
  • The power of juicing
  • Juice therapy
  • Why juicing is important
  • What to juice-what to eat
  • Juicing gives 100% absorption immediately
  • The secret key to vitality
After selling close to 1 billion dollars in juicer sales, Jay Kordich, says selling
juicers is just the beginning to teaching people about vital foods-energetic
living and a disease-free life.  Living a disease free life is simple, as long as
you know the secrets to longevity.

Jay Kordich is most famous for launching the entire juicing message on TV for over 15 years.  His
fame brought him worldwide success.  Jay has studied living foods and juicing his entire adult life,
after contracting cancer in 1948.  He adopted Dr. Gersen’s juicing program, changing his life
forever by becoming the largest advocate of juice therapy the world knows.  He has sold over two
million books from his #1 New York Times bestseller; The Power of Juicing.  He is also
responsible for selling close to one billion dollars of juicers throughout the world.