LimuZ: 30 Daily Dose Packets of 7.1 grams each
Item #: 9904
LimuZ is the first nutritional product which focuses on (4) four major systems of the body;
Endocrine, Nervous, Immune and Pineal. While working on the major systems with focus, LimuZ
also works on the two (2) underlying issues associated with all disease; pH balancing and
heavy metal/toxin removal.

LimuZ is packed with 700+ nutrients; IGF-1 Superfamily, Immune Factors, and Essential
Glyconutrients/Fatty Acids/Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants and Anti-

All the nutrients are designed to help balance:

  •    Endocrine (Hormonal)
  •    Nervous (Communication)
  •    Immune (Offensive/Defensive)
  •    Anti-Aging (Pineal)

While working on the major systems with focus, it also works on the two (2) underlying issues
associated with ALL disease; pH balancing and heavy metal/toxin removal.

LimuZ contains seven (7) major components: Acai Berry Pulp, Colostrum6, Laminaria Japonica,
Fucoidan, Clinoptilolite, Fucoxanthin and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

LimuZ put in any liquid is highly absorbable and has an immediate delivery into the system
because of the isotonic technology. Why? Because it has the same level of electrolyte balance
as we have in our blood, so it is pulled into your system. It is the fluid of life so to speak!

Today's lifestyle is taking a heavy toll on our health. We are experiencing higher stress levels and
more toxicity than our parents or even their parents did. Yet, our nutritional intake is far from
optimal levels. Everyone from your kids to baby boomers can experience positive results from
using LimuZ on a daily basis. Your body will thank you!

The potential benefits:

  •    Anti-Aging
  •    Improved Mental Clarity
  •    Increased Natural Energy
  •    Clearer Skin Tone
  •    Inch-Loss
  •    Heavy Metal Reduction

Remove the roadblocks to having your major systems working in the correct manner is what
LimuZ was designed to do!
Colostrum6 by Immune Tree -The #1 Pure 6 hour Colostrum on the Market.
Colostrum6 Products
brought to you by
  •    GMO Free
  •    Tested as Organic
  •    Gluten Free
  •    The ONLY 6-hour colostrum certified by Cornell University.
The potential benefits of using LimuZ6 include: anti-aging, improved mental clarity, increased energy, clearer skin tone, and
improved muscle tone.*

Lamanaria Japonica, Fucoidan, & Fucoxanthin:
These brown kelps are full of phyto-polyphenols, anti-bodies, antioxidants and amino
acids which help to stabilize blood chemistries such as: blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Fucoxanthin has been shown to assist in burning
belly fat.

Immune Tree Colostrum: Meant to be the first food consumed by all mammals, colostrum contains all 87 growth, essential, metabolic and
immune factors, including: proteins, essential fatty & amino acids, glyconutrients and vitamins for a healthy immune system.*

Zeolite: This complex crystalline mineral is one of Nature’s best natural detoxifiers. Zeolite has been shown to bind and safely remove toxins. It
is also known to balance pH and release negative ions for natural sustained energy.*

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Delivers mental focus, clarity, memory enhancement and better overall cognitive function. Has been shown to be a
powerful anti-oxidant which assists in the prevention of brain cell deterioration.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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