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Foot Relief

Amazing liquid Filled

Shoe Insoles

All Day Foot Massage!
Foot Relief liquid filled shoe Insoles cushion every step you take. The glycerin moves as you walk and gives your feet a smooth and gentle all day foot massage by responding to every movement of your body. Our Insoles help protect your feet, legs, and back from the impact caused by hard surfaces. Foot Relief insoles float the whole foot giving the illusion of walking on water! Recommended by:


Physical Therapists

Massage Therapists

Medical Professionals

2 year replacement warranty

Product Info

When your feet are tired or achy from poor circulation, lactic acid and other toxins build up around the sensitive nerve endings in your feet. Foot Relief Insoles help disperse these toxin deposits and increase circulation by gently massaging to whole foot from the heel to the ball of the foot. After only a few minutes, the massaging action of the glycerin starts to rejuvenate your sore feet and can help to relieve pain in the legs, knees, hips, back, and neck.
Our fluid filled insoles help to cushion, absorb shock, give arch support, increase circulation, and massage your feet on a whole new level that separates us from the competition. We use the highest quality materials and manufacturing technology to provide a level of comfort and durability that we believe is above other liquid filled, gel, foam, rubber, or silicone shoe insoles.
I bought my first pair of Foot Relief Insoles in 2010 and I have not worn my orthotics since! These are amazing. I Love them. No foot pain at all and so comfortable compared to the hard plastic orthotics!

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