Dr. Blass homozon

Oxidation News, Vol. 1, Jan. 1989
Reprinted from paper written in 1939 by Dr. Blass


by Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass Leading Physician, Homoeopath, Naturopath and Originator of Oxygen Therapy Blass

When people are suffering of so-called chronic, incurable ills which under medical care grow from bad to worse, and
the medical men say "good night", as was actually the case with me, they rarely get the chance to employ practical
common sense in the health of their own bodies.

As it happened, I was an experienced combustion engineer, inventor and revolutionist, and personally designed the
ovens in the combustion industry in the USA and Germany. In 1922, early in my career, I was doomed by the scientific
"healers" and declared virtually hopeless, ready for the undertaker. So far, I have cheated the writer of the last paper
(death certificate) and the undertaker of their chance, and they will have to wait a long time for it. (Editor's Note:
They did wait a long time, until 1967, when Dr. Blass, at the age of 87, was mercilessly attacked and killed in front of
his home by unknown assailants.)

I will not give you my life story, for most people will not believe it!

Here stands a man who suffered the tortures of the medical school, and holds them responsible for the hardships I
had to endure. I am now a live-wire, a vigorous example in contrast to their supposedly doomed man of 1922. I tried
many other healing methods in vain till I quit them all. At least this suffering of forty years, and the resulting study of
life, health, ailing and healing, brought about something of good for me and for others ailing, namely: A NEW LIGHT IN

Every creature having its own life (parasites excluded), if ailing, finds in this new method the sure road to health.

The fundamental element is OXYGEN, in its active or nascent state, also called OZONE. As a rule it is not inhaled but
taken through the digestive tract, mucus membranes and skin, and for this reason is bound to alkaline minerals
related to our body. However, in certain cases, it is also inhaled.

As an industrial gas, combustion and distillation engineer, I look upon the human and animal body quite differently
than usually is done and so developed certain basically true values for the brief explanation of the words: LIFE,

LIFE: All animal, plant and mineral life is the result of perfect oxidation.

HEALTH: Health expresses a pure body, in which every organ is intact and performs its allotted function 100%, thus
creating, through normal digestion, perfect and pure vital fluids to maintain the cellular construction of the body in a
good healthy condition.

DISEASE: Disease expresses an unhealthy body filled with impurities, unable to maintain itself in a healthy state
regardless of the name of the disease. No matter how many signs or symptoms may appear, I know only that it is a
healthy or dis-eased body.

HEALING: Healing is the restoration of HEALTH, without destroying organs, cells, etc. through operation, poison,
burning by x-ray or radium rays, etc., but solely through the natural constituents (elements) of a healthy body and
non-poisonous agents obtained from the plant and mineral kingdoms. (I believe that through oxidation two kingdoms
maintain the third one, and vice versa, which means the animal kingdom lives naturally on the products of the plant
and mineral kingdoms, while the plant kingdom takes its food from both the mineral and animal kingdoms, and the
mineral kingdom is maintained by the animal and plant kingdoms; all through oxidation, and this is the true reason
that LIFE on earth will never cease as long as a healthy oxidation is maintained, both personally and environmentally,
and, of course, planetarily.)

OXIDATION: Oxidation is the true source of PHYSICAL LIFE (True Life is Health), impaired oxidation is disease,
cessation of oxidation is death. This holds good for the three kingdoms on earth: in fact, for the whole Universe. The
proof: a healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. An unhealthy body lacks
all these aspects, at least partly, according to the bodily condition. The dead body lacks everything. It is cold, lifeless,
pale and goes immediately into decay. It will become then, through oxidation, replenishment for the other two
kingdoms which formerly supported it.

Compare these basic rules with the stimulation methods of "Healing Arts" currently in vogue. From the viewpoint of
my simple definition of LIFE, HEALTH, AILING, and HEALING, the thinking reader should be able to compare the various
theories and practices employed by the different "healing arts". The thoughtful student of these systems must reach
the conclusion that none of them actually attacks or eliminates the cause of disease, but through stimulation actually
unnecessarily saps the vitality of an already weakened and diseased body.

Now let us consider the methods in common use:

1). ALLOPATHY: Orthodox School of Medicine, M.D. - Employs poisonous drugs to counteract, deaden the pain of and
suppress the symptoms of the body. It overlooks the fact entirely that every sick body contains poisonous waste
mater which obviously cannot be eliminated by the addition of more poison. Encumbered by the poisonous waste
matter, normalization of the vital fluids thereby becomes utterly impossible and the "poison(s)" used as the
"medicine" only serves to aggravate the cause and suffering even though there may be apparent improvement for a
time. The use of poison always brings deplorable after-effects, and most so-called chronic and incurable ills have their
beginning therein, because they result in a slow but sure breakdown of the cellular structure of the body. These later
are recognized as physical and mental symptoms whose signs and names are legion. Injections of vaccines, serums
and anti-toxins or any other foreign and poisonous matter bring results similar to those produced by drugs. Drugs
cannot purify the body, nor normalize the vital fluids.

1a). SURGERY AND OPERATIONS which remove organs, either wholly or in part, are unable to purify the body or
normalize the vital fluids. They not only lower the vitality, cause loss of blood and introduce poisonous matter into the
system in the course of the operation, but they remove parts of the body which are indispensable to its functioning as
a whole. Consequently, they cannot possibly be considered as healing measures but aggravate the case and in many
instances render complete recovery hopeless.

1b). POWERFUL X-RAYS AND RADIUM RAYS (note: chemotherapy & radiation therapy) cannot purify the body nor
create healthy blood; they can only burn the remaining healthy tissues. Therefore, do more harm than good and
cannot be recognized as helpful or healing methods. Other methods used by Allopaths and Surgeons may be
considered as business expedients, and consequently are valueless from a health standpoint.

2). HOMOEOPATHY: This healing art started in 1844, three years before the Allopathic Medical Profession (AMA).
Homoeopathy has practically been outlegislated by the influence of the Allopaths in this country. This art is not as
dangerous or injurious in its results on the patient. However, it must also be classified as a stimulating method.
Poison remains poison no matter how modified. It can never perform the essential steps in healing: namely
purification, elimination, normalization and repair.

3). OSTEOPATHY: does not produce the pernicious effects that characterize the older systems mentioned; but its
results are also only those of stimulation. It cannot normalize the vital fluids. Hence, it cannot be called a true healing
method. Their founder, Andrew Still, truly recognized the basis of all disease, but in the years following, the message
of the founder has virtually been lost in side issues and compromises.

4). CHIROPRACTIC: belongs in the same category as osteopathy, usually harmless and at times helpful, but it cannot
effect a permanent cure in organic ailments. Under certain conditions it is entirely useless, since the true cause of
dislocated vertebrae, etc., is the undernourishment of muscles, ligaments and the various organs. This can only be
corrected through the normalization of the process of bodily maintenance.

5). NATUROPATHY: as known and practiced thus far, includes many and various methods. It is as yet not a complete
therapy of itself, as is willingly admitted by its exponents, although it has, beyond a doubt, so far produced the best
results. The underlying causes of the worst ailments cannot be radically removed merely by fasting, uses of cold
water and natural living, nor can the vital fluids be normalized thereby, to the point essential to the possession of
vigorous, radiant health. My new method should be considered as the missing link to making it a complete success.

I will not describe nor criticize in detail the various practices employed by these systems, and since argumentation is
useless, we should at all times be guided solely by facts and logical reasoning. I wish to present here an outline of
the basically sound and never-failing principles upon which my new healing method is founded. Later, I shall describe
and explain and evidence of the absolute integrity of OXYGEN THERAPY BLASS.

As already stated, I claim that OXIDATION is the source of Life and Health - the mainspring of beauty, vitality, power,
energy, heat, electricity, and even of magnetic personality and the happiness of the individual. The entire cellular
structure is maintained by means of oxidation. When the cells wear out, they must be broken down and replaced by
new ones; the rebuilding process keeps pace with the tearing down only when the oxidation is adequate, and this is
only possible when the constituency of the vital fluids is normal.

(Editor's Note: Here Dr. Blass is referring to simple processes of the human body, long since forgotten, now
misunderstood and misnomered "the peroxidation destructive free radical syndrome". As recently mentioned by
Professor Halliwell of the the University of London, in his scientific paper entitled:

"Oxygen Radicals: A Commonsense Look at Their Nature and Medical Importance" in Medical Biology 62:71-77, 1984

we quote,

Initiation of peroxidation in a membrane of polyunsaturated fatty acid is due to the attack of any species that can 'pull
off' a hydrogen atom from one of the - CH2 - groups in the carbon chain. Hydroxyl radical and possibly HO2 can do
this, but H2O2 and O2 cannot.

Hence O2 does not initiate lipid peroxidation.

In speaking of singlet oxygen, Professor Halliwell states:

Its formation in O2 - generating systems has often been proposed but clear-cut evidence for a damaging role of
singlet oxygen in such systems has not been obtained.

Thus evidence that a toxin increases lipid peroxidation in vivo does not prove the sequence of events:

toxin - lipid peroxidation - damage,

but is equally explained by the sequence

toxin - cell damage or death - lipid peroxidation.

Now back to Dr. Blass.)

Ordinarily we inhale, according to atmospheric conditions, about 20% molecular oxygen with the air through the
activity of the lungs. In order to fully utilize this oxygen in the process of oxidation, it is imperative that the vital fluids
be efficient carriers of this element. If these fluids are deficient in the inorganic minerals which are contained in the
wholesome drinking water, or in the organic minerals supplied by use of natural organic food, they fall below the
normal standard.

The fluids may be further impaired in quality by the use of poisonous or foreign matter. The result is that oxidation is
hampered and disease inevitably follows. Similar consequences come from inhalation of air which is filled with
poisonous gasses and impurities. The recognizable results of an insufficient oxidation, either because of a lack of
minerals or oxygen, or because of the presence of foreign matter in the blood stream, are the symptoms which bear
the imposing nomenclature of modern "dis-ease". the different kinds of parasites, which are the "germs" commonly
blamed for the creation of these various symptoms, find food and lodging in the diseased soil which accumulates in
the body but, logically, are not the cause of disease. A clean habitation will not tolerate such hospitality and normal
vital fluids constitute the best insurance against sickness.

The body is not without a barometer which quickly indicates its condition. As long as oxidation is carried on to the
extent necessary to maintain the tearing down and rebuilding processes of all parts of the cellular structure, the
chemical constituency of blood and tissue is predominantly alkaline; as soon as oxidation is lacking they become
increasingly acid and the percentage of acid gauges very accurately the state of vitality of the individual.

A parallel indication of health is to be recognized in the quantity and quality of the red blood corpuscles and the
lymphatic fluids. The more nearly perfect the oxidation process, the purer the blood stream and the nearer to normal
the glandular activity must be.

Vitality and vigor of mind, as well as body, are dependent on this essential process, which can be greatly enhanced
through the use of OXYGEN THERAPY BLASS. This is the real "Fountain of Youth" which many altruistic philosophers
have sought for centuries. Everyone may enjoy its blessings and regain that precious boon: TRUE HEALTH!!!
Individual results may vary from person to person.
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