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Family thought I was mentally ill . . .

I was a walking cesspool with a massive amounts of parasites and toxicity in my system. I grew up on a small farm
surrounded by pets, went swimming in swamps, ponds, and lakes, and traveled to over 25 countries.

Three years ago at the age of 23 years old as I was graduating from college I had insomnia, depression, anxiety,
constipation, fatigue, skin problems, fungal infections, blurry vision, headaches, loss of hearing, balding, anemic,
weak, joint
problems, unable to focus, memory problems, no libido, loss of sexual function, and unable to work. I also felt giant
parasites crawling
around inside of me biting me and eating me alive (but no one beleived me).

The worst part about it was how people treated me. My family and friends did not understand it, I looked like an
AIDS/Cancer victim and received a lot of abuse from people because of it. My family and most of my friends avoided
me and said terrible things to me. They exluded me from Thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago, my parents thought I
was gay and my brother told me I was "a lost soul, pethetic, and weak." I lost everything.

After much trial and error, and thanks to Homozon, all of my problems are pretty much gone. I still have a little bit
of insomnia, fatigue, and my libido is slowly coming back. I think these symptoms are more from herxheimer
reactions than anything else.

I can safely say that Homozon kills parasites better than anything else I've tried, and I've tried everything. I am
basically a new

I have put on 20 pounds of muscle and grown 2 inches in the past year. My hair is blonde again, completely healthy,
and no more baldness at all. I look very healthy and I feel amazing. I am dating for the first time and members of
the opposite sex are attracted to me. I love who I am. I have so much drive and ambition I feel like nothing can stop
me. I am about to go on a run and see how long I can run for! I have so much passion and love for life.

I don't hold any grudges from how people treating me badly in the past because there is too much to grateful and
happy for! I have learned to avoid/distance myself from it, the healthier and less toxic I become, the less negative
energy I carry with me. I now feel like I can start my life and move towards the person I want to become and do
things I have always dreamed of. My goals are endless.

Your podcast with Dr Freibott and Nichole Sacks gave me a lot of hope. I listened to that podcast over 20 times. I
have the entire thing memorized. I am a true believer in Homozon and will continue to take it for years to come.

Thank you Donna!

Food Poisoning

Hi Donna,

I received the Colostrum (http://www.bulkcolostrum.com) yesterday, and I am thrilled to get it. I think it will really
help me repair some of the damage done to my digestive tract.

By the way, the Homozon is an amazing product. I was so sick, and I really didn't know whether anything would
help me to heal this on my own. Although it was a rough treatment (for me), I could tell right away that it was
helping me turn the corner. I started it a little over a week ago, and I am significantly better. It isn't the only thing I
am doing, but I have no doubt that it was responsible for a very large part of the improvement - I believe most of it.

This all started with what was diagnosed as severe food poisoning about 4 weeks ago. This lasted about 6 days and
I was away from home and pretty much unable to really help myself. The trauma, I think, led to severe yeast
overgrowth and Clostridia-difficile infection. I had that once before (years ago), in the hospital, so , I recognized it
when it returned. Even in my misery, I felt determined not to use Flagyl, because of the liver effects. Homozon was
the thing that saved me from needing it. The fact that you responded so quickly really helped me too. Thank you!

Allentown, PA



I believe that the Homozon has had a number of benefits for my autistic son. For years, he's had violent outbursts
on an almost daily basis, biting himself, hitting himself, breaking things, pressing his chin into your chin with all his
strength. The violence is something most people don't know about. Most people think of 'Rain Man' autism, but that
hasn't been the case with my son. A lot of autistic kids have this issue.

The Homozon has calmed him down to such an extent that he rarely has a violent outburst now, and when he does,
if you give him some room, it goes away quickly. I believe it is due to the 'laxative affect' which has helped
tremendously with his chronic constipation. Also, magnesium (the base that the oxygen is bound to) also has a
calming affect. Third, I believe the oxygen is helping to kill off candida in his gut, and help balance his intestinal flora.
Fourth, he now seems to have more energy and is happier.

I have been reading about hyperbaric oxygen treatments for autistic kids to help get oxygen to their brains to help
heal the damage to their brains, so I felt this was a viable alternative to that treatment. So far, I couldn't be happier.
I'm getting my son back (he's 17 now, 185 lbs.) and I'm very hopeful for the future.


Constipation - Colon Cleanse

This testimony was taken from the Finchley Clinic website. They no longer carry homozon due to the difficulty of
dealing with the manufacturer.

Dear Mark,

Thank-you for the Homozon. To date I have spent hundreds of pounds on colon cleanse products, most of them
caused me to evacuate lumps of mucoid plaque as promised, some of them were over effective, and had to stay
close to toilets, and some of them clogged me up using bentonite clay. Homozon is my favourite so far, it is gentle
in its action, it gets things moving well, and is suitable for long term application in low doseage 2 or three times a
week, whereas the herbal products seemed to give me no long term benefit, and the body seemed to get used to
them after a few months.

Donal Mc Daniel reflexologist Belfast Northern Ireland


Clients have reported elimination of cold and flu symptoms within one day when taking a tsp every hour
or two - during an 8-10 hour window.

Boost of Oxygen


This product is amazing! It keeps me fit and healthy by giving me a boost of oxygen every morning during my
exercise. I want to take it more often, but it’s expensive, so I drink it once in the morning to protect me all day long.


The first effect one can expect while taking Homozon is enhanced excretory function. Commonly noted also is an
increase in overall energy. While the increase in bowel function never completely abates, it does ease as cellular
toxicity lessens and one remains on the product for some time. Effects do vary between individuals somewhat, but
enhanced bowel function and an increase in energy are two of the most noted effects.

You may experience frequent soft stools or diarrhea as a result of taking Homozon. This is how your body is getting
rid of the wastes that are being cleaned off your digestive tract. Homozon does NOT cause diarrhea. Increased
dosage equals increased bowel function AND improved assimilation. Effects do range from a loose stool to clear
water, depending on the dose. Remember this is enhanced oxidation/oxygenation NOT pathological diarrhea with its'
attendant lethargy, dehydration and electrolyte depletion. Homozon increases assimilation and enhances acidophilus
and friendly bacteria production; actually repairing bowel function, oxygenating the body, improving blood quality
and assisting in parasite elimination. You will not feel depleted or weakened by this healing process. Once your
digestive tract is clean, the capillaries, lymph and blood vessels, your organs and other parts of your body will begin
to purify and return to health.
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