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Lyme Disease & Teasel Research Page
  • Nutrification (protocol)
  • Teasel  (protocol)
  • Stimulate Lyme Spirochete
  • Kill Lyme Spirochete
  • Detox  (protocol)
  • Eliminate Wastes
Key Steps
This book is the
documented events that
lead Jim Lindle to curing his
Lyme Disease in
82 days.  

This is the protocol that we
adhere to.
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to get the desired results

Completely Organic
Horse & Plow - Hand Cultivation only.
contact us for a free consultation of
the full 90 day protocol.

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Disease can not be cured if
health is no longer being created.
Healing Lyme Disease
Coinfections: Complementary
and Holistic Treatments for
Bartonella and Mycoplasma
A guide to the natural
treatment of two of the most
common and damaging
coinfections of Lyme
disease--Bartonella and
Healing Lyme: Natural
Healing of Lyme
Borreliosis and the
Coinfections Chlamydia
and Spotted Fever
Rickettsiosis, 2nd Ed
Healing Lyme
examines the leading,
scientific research on
Lyme infection and its
tests and treatments,
and outlines the most
potent natural
medicines that offer
help, either alone or in
combination with
antibiotics, for
preventing and healing
the disease.
Dr. Storl refused
standard treatments
because of antibiotic
intolerance. Instead,
he researched healing
systems of various
cultures including
Traditional Chinese
Medicine, American
Indian healing
homeopathy, and
traditional Western
herbal lore and
discovered the teasel
Healing Lyme Disease Naturally:
History, Analysis, and Treatments
In The Book of Herbal
Wisdom, this is continued
and enlarged in wonderful
detail. This is a must-read
for anyone working in the
natural health field or
interested in self healing
with herbs. For those of us
who consider not only our
herbs, but also the
metaphysical ones, this
book is invaluable. It affirms
that when we work closely
with nature, and the
energies of the herbs and
herbal medicine, we all are
much better off. This is a
work that empowers the
reader and gives them a
very deep knowledge of the
herbs discussed.
The Book of Herbal Wisdom:
Using Plants as Medicines
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Highly recommended reading.
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