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Increasing Cellular Oxygen Levels Kills Cancerous Cells

Organic Sulfur

“Sulfur was largely removed from our farmland in 1954 under the Farm Subsidies Act and it’s just short of amazing what happens when you start putting this one element back into the body. No hype, just try it for yourself and see, it will bring you back to your old self”

Why are we deficient


Patrick McGean and Dr. Richard L. Stump co-host the Sulfur Radio Hour And One heard over the American Voice Radio Network on Thursdays 6-8pm PT. broadcast originally aired on May 1, 2014 (audio clip courtesy of Awakened Radio). audio click here to play.

For a helpful list of issues that has been reported to respond to the ingestion of organic sulfur Click Here.


Increasing Cellular Oxygen Levels Kills Cancerous Cells, and does so much more to sustain a healthy life. The foods we eat, what we drink, how we live, what we breathe, and the stress that we allow into our life all contribute to lower Oxygen Levels at the Cellular Level.

Organic Sulfur is a critical bio-available form of sulfur that has been missing from our diet since 1954. The introduction of synthetic chemical nitrogen based fertilizers by chemical companies in the 50s has had a profound negative effect on our health.

We are not getting enough daily allowance of Sulfur in our diet. Sulfur does not stay in your body and your body does not produce it. A daily supplement of it twice a day will benefit you and help sustain a healthy life.

Sulfur is one of the six building blocks of life and we need it to sustain a healthy life. It is the element that carries Oxygen to your Cells. It is also essential to help build a strong immune system.

Natural News editor Mike Adams mentions taking MSM and sulfur foods to detox from the adjuvants added to vaccines at around the 6:30 / 7:00 mark in this YouTube video.

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The Organic Sulfur Sold on this website by TrueHealthFacts is 99.9% pure. Organic Sulfur first has to be made from a living substance not a synthetic.

Our Organic Sulfur comes from and is processed As Natural As Humanly Possible. The others are not alive like this one!

The Highest Potency Real 100% Pine Tree Lignin Sourced Organic Sulfur Food Available On Our Planet!

People tried getting results with the hundreds of other cheap technology so-called “MSMs,” but only got mixed results due to cost cutting and greed on the part of manufacturers.

“I got it in the store because it was cheaper…” is a tale of woe we hear all the time. Organic Sulfur is a type of MSM but not all MSM are the same even if they are 99.7% PURE MSM.

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