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Ozone generator WPS 400


Ozone generator WPS 400


One of the most versatile ozone generators on the market, in that you can turn one or both chambers on to dial in exactly the amount of ozone for your application. Comes with output chart, variable output from 0 to 120 gamma, ozone resistant silicone tubing, stone diffuser and power cord. 110v unit.

The WPS 400 ozone generator Kills viruses, bacteria and water borne pathogens
High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications Including Steam Saunas Manufactured by Synergy Systems, LLC. in the USA!
We knew that a good medical grade unit would cost around $2-3k To our surprise for less than $999 we could get one of the very best units on the market with:

  • a lifetime transferable warranty.
  • a manufacture that has a superb
  • committment to their product. not a hot spark or plasma uint

Features of the WPS-400 Ozone Generator:

  • 9Cold Corona Ozone Discharge - a low voltage, cold process. No cooling fan is required. Unit has no moving parts.
  • 9Generator is affordable, compact, portable and very easy to operate.
  • 9Each chamber has its own regulator and on/off switch to adjust ozone levels (ozone levels are also adjusted by changing oxygen flow)
  • 9Built for continuous, efficient and silent operation in harsh environments.
  • 9Dual phase electrical short circuit protection.

The WPS-400 Ozone Generator is an ideal source for creating ozone for use with ozone therapy. Potential uses of ozone therapy include drinking ozonated water, insufflations, in combination with steam or far infrared and more.

The WPS-400 includes two ozone chambers that can be used independently (for lower ozone levels) or together (for higher levels of isotopes such as O8, O12, O13, etc). Each chamber has its own on/off switch and regulator.

The WPS-400 Ozone Generator is fed by an oxygen source, either an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (sold separately). The unit takes the oxygen coming in and transforms it from two molecules of oxygen to three molecules (O3). Since ozone is very unstable, after about a half hour after it is made, the ozone molecules break up again into one stable oxygen unit and one singlet oxygen molecule. It is this singlet molecule that does the work in ozone therapy.

The WPS-400 Ozonator has a unique quartz glass cold corona tube that does not come in contact with metal and will not generate a significant amount of heat.

It comes standard with ozone resistant silicon outlet hoses. It is ideal for any dental, hospital, laboratory, medical, veterinary or home clinic application that requires dependable and stable ozone production and is built to last for years without any maintenance.

The WPS-400 Ozone Generator is superior in quality, performance, reliability, and workmanship to all others on the market. The front control panel includes a variable control selector switch for each individual chamber that allows for an unlimited number of output settings. There are two inlet and two outlet hose barb fittings which will take a 3/16; silicone hose.

Disclaimer: This unit is a water purificatio system, we cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the machine.

Synergy Systems manufactures World Class high quality Ozone Generators using only 100% ozone resistant components: no contaminants, just pure clean controlled ozone.

Our Oxygen Fed Ozone Generators are suitable for any ozone protocol where Ultra Pure Ozone is required.

Synergy Systems’ Ozone Generators over the past several years have earned world wide respect
and is one of the most highly regarded ozone generators in the world by professionals and home
users alike.

EVERY ozone generator we sell comes with a LIFETIME;no questions asked warranty! All Ozonation systems are built in the USA and are customizable to include the components you need to start using ozone right away.

Synergy Systems, WPS-100 Ozone Generator

Price: $499.00
Retail: $599.00
You Save: $100.00

Detailed Description

Synergy Systems, LLC brings this Ozone Production Unit to the market with a very sleek slim line design. It comes in a lightweight aluminum case for protection. It is a molecular generator that produces very strong ozone. It will produce up to 80 ug/ml output. It produces ozone by a Silent Pulse Injection Cold Corona Discharge; A low voltage, cold process that involves very little heat. It uses a regular 110 outlet. Unit comes with all hoses needed to connect to oxygen and the water diffuser/stone. We suggest you purchase the WPS-400 for multiple uses, but when you just can’t afford the WPS-400, the WPS-100 works great as well.  

Disclaimer: This unit is a water purification system, we cannot be held accountable for any misuse of the machine.

Ear Insufflation Earscope

Price: $39.00
Retail: $79.00
You Save: $40.00

Brief Description

Ear Insufflation Stethoscopes are good for insufflating ozone into the ears.

Detailed Description

A humidifier is recommended; it humidifies ozone to prevent drying. Insufflating through the ears allows ozone closer access to the brain, obtaining better results for brain-related therapy substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation.

Ozone Stone Diffuser

Price: $12.00
Retail: $12.00
You Save: $0.00

Brief Description

Cylindrical diffuser for use with ozonators for ozonating water or oils.

Detailed Description

All natural stone diffuser that will not break down with use of ozone. Many people use it for ozonating water, oil, and or any other liquid.. The smaller the bubbles are coming through the liquid, the more saturated with ozone the liquid will become.

3/16″ Inside diameter tubing sold in 6 foot pieces

Price: $20.00
Retail: $24.00
You Save: $4.00

Detailed Description

Silicone tubing is a must for any ozone system purchased. It has an A rating against ozone.

WPS-100 Output Chart

Price: $0.00
click chart to print your copy

Detailed Description

Shows output of WPS-100 in ug/ml or gamma

WPS-400 Output Chart

Price: $0.00
click chart to print your copy

Detailed Description

Show’s the output in ug/ml at certain flow rates and settings on the generator.

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