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Bioavailable Structured Water

Hydrabolt Funnel

You can also maximize absorption of nutrition by pouring your liquid supplements through the H2O Energizer before drinking.

Increase your vitality

Hydrabolt Funnel


Biologically active drinking water, and healthier, softer water for home. Safe, natural, magnetized water for optimal wellness.

Magnetized Water Supports

  • 9Bioavailability and fuller hydration of all cells
  • 9Digestive, nervous, lymphatic, and urinary systems
  • 9Improved plaque removal, breath, and oral health
  • 9Appetite control, weight control, and metabolism
  • 9Efficient metabolic waste removal
  • 9Liver and kidney function
  • 9Healthy immune system
  • 9Body alkalinity
  • 9Anti-aging*

How does it work?

Simply pour water through the Personal System. The Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance is applied as it flows through the funnel, and the health promoting effects are activated. Drink immediately. For cleaning, simply soak your funnel in white vinegar overnight.

For better health, hydration is key. Magnetized water maximized hydration.

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Structured – Magnetic Water
The result is optimal hydration.

The H2O ENERGIZER makes any water more biofriendly and therefore more bioavailable, to the cells. Magnation’s proprietary Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance reduces and restructures oversized water molecule clusters into smaller hexagonal-shaped clusters that are recognized by the into the cell structure. This fuller hydration, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients while transporting out metabolic waste, allows the body to operate at a higher state of health.

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