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Onco-Adjunct Pathway-3

Onco-Adjunct Pathway-3

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Product Information

The Pathway System

The ONCO-ADJUNCT™ Pathway System brings a thoughtful approach to cellular imbalances through Liquid Protein Scaffold (LPS™) technology, the gold standards for absorption of bio-active polyphenols.   LPS™ technology delivers molecular polyphenols to your body by using protein as the carrier.

We would encourage you to learn as much as possible about the Pathways affected in your individual case to work closely with your doctor or health coach and to selectively choose the optimal Pathway combinations that address your individual cellular imbalances.



Supports Modified Cellular Glucose Metabolism

ONCO-ADJUNCT™ Pathway 3™ delivers  LPS™ bioactive Berberine using whey protein as the scaffold.  Berberine has been studied for its effects on Insulin Resistance and to help normalize blood glucose levels.  Since cancer cells are typically glucose powerhouses,  LPS™ technology enables the absorption of Berberine helping to starve cancer cells from glucose availability.

Taken together with the other Pathway products Onco-Adjunct™ Pathway 3 helps to modulate the healthy function of our cellular Pathways enabling better cellular health.

#1: Are there any safety or tolerability concerns with any of the Onco-Adjunct products?

The Onco-Adjunct family of products appears to be well tolerated. We advise individuals to consult with their healthcare practitioners regarding any questions or concerns about using these products, and their appropriate dosing. We include a blood thinner warning on the Pathway 2 product as it has a blood thinning effect. This warning is for individuals currently using pharmaceutical blood thinners. Also, if you are undergoing chemotherapy, we recommend that you discontinue Pathway 2 during the chemo therapy unless specifically directed by your health care practitioner.

#2: Are there potential interactions with any chemotherapy, radiation, or other drugs my doctor may be prescribing me?

In general you should talk to your doctor about all the supplements you want to take or are taking so that they can determine possible interactions and make a medical judgement.

The following interactions with curcumin have been discussed in the literature:

  1. Chemo therapeutic suppression was potentially found with curcumin and camptothecin, mechlorethamine, and doxorubicin. Somasundaram S, Edmund NA, Moore DT, Small GW, Shi YY, Orlowski RZ. Dietary curcumin inhibits chemotherapy-induced apoptosis in models of human breast cancer. Cancer Res. 2002;62(13):3868-3875. (PubMed)
  2. Curcumin affects the FXa node in the thrombin pathway. Any anti-coagulant therapy that acts directly on thrombin should be avoided (Hirudin, Argatroban, Bivalirudin, Dabigatran). Any Indirect or direct FXa inhibitors should be discussed with your doctor.
#3: When I call your support line, why do they direct me to your website?

The FDA places strict limitations on what we are allowed to say about dietary supplements of any kind.

#4: How long will I have to take the products?

This is a very individual decision, and is based on your progress toward optimal health as demonstrated through the testing protocols of your health practitioner(s).

#5: What is the best way for me to measure success, and that the product is helping?

Your health care practitioner will have testing protocols that will be able to measure your health status.

#6: If I end up in remission, should I use these products occasionally to maintain the health of my immune system?

The Company is coming out with a maintenance product containing Hemp, Frankincense and C60. This will be available later in the year.

#7: Is the recommended dose of Pathway™ products the same for everyone? Does it depend on my type of cancer and what stage it is?

We have recommended dosing on each label but recommend working with and following the advice of your own healthcare practitioner.

#8: What makes Pathway 2™ and Pathway 3™ different from other quercetin and berberine supplements?

The application of the LPS™ technology to these botanicals (see # 17) enhances the ability of these molecules to absorb into your body.

#9: When I start taking the Pathway1™ tincture will it make me drowsy?

Some people do experience an initial drowsiness with the Pathway 1™ tincture due to the presence of cannabinoids. We recommend ½ dose on days 1 through 3, taken at bedtime. Any drowsiness will diminish rapidly as your body adjusts. This effect does not apply to Pathway 2™ and Pathway 3™ products and they may be taken at recommended doses from day one.

#10: Are these products approved by the FDA?

Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA in regard to manufacture and label claims, but are NOT ever approved by the FDA like pharmaceutical drugs are. Pathway™ products are manufactured in strict accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocols in our own pharma manufacturing facility. Our facility has been inspected by the FDA.

#11: What is the country of origin for the ingredients in the three Pathway™ products?

A: We perform our own internal and third party testing on every ingredient which we use. Our testing includes heavy metal, pesticide and microbiology. Most of our ingredients are sourced from India and the Holy Land with some support ingredients coming from the US and Asia. We source from companies that work with local farmers who do NOT use pesticides or GMOs.

#12: Where are the products made?

At our own FDA registered and inspected facility in the USA.

#13: Are the products tested for purity, potency and the presence of heavy metals and other contaminants?

Yes, see # 11.

#14: Are you willing to accept a call from my physician if they desire to speak with you?

Yes, we welcome this interaction and are willing to speak with your healthcare practitioner by Zoom or phone appointment. Please set up an appointment by calling 405-694-4175 x7001.

#15: Why are you not allowed to talk about the Onco-Adjunct products’ effects on cancer?

Due to the regulations of the FDA, which we rigorously adhere to, we are prohibited from making what they refer to as a drug claim for any dietary supplement.

#16: What does natural cell clearing mean on your Pathway 2™ label?

Natural cell clearing has to do with apoptosis. Apoptosis is the natural death of a cell. When cells age and become damaged, compounds like curcumin and quercetin can help your body clear those damaged cells by stimulating the p53 pathway. In some circumstances p53 can induce a cell to take a rest. In other circumstances p53 tells a damaged cell to apoptose (die), allowing for healthy cells to grow back into its place.

#17: What is LPS™ technology?

LPS™ is an acronym for ”Liquid Protein Scaffold,” which is now a patented technology. A group of researchers from Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and the University of Oklahoma were exploring ways to take certain plant extracts that were very poorly absorbed in the gut and make them ultra-bioavailable. The first result was a molecular curcumin that was taken in capsule form. Tests were performed demonstrating exponential levels (never before seen) in the bloodstream and rapid, transformative results. We now apply LPS™ Technology to a variety of other botanicals so they may deliver maximum cellular support to humans and animals.

#18: Can it hurt or help to use Pathway™ products during chemo or radiation?

Always discuss your supplements with your doctor. We believe it can be beneficial with low dose chemotherapy and here is our reasoning.

  1. Pathway 2 – We recommend to stay off of products while you are on Chemo therapy, unless specifically sanctioned by your doctor.
  2. Pathway 1 – Was designed to work hand in hand with chemotherapy. There is nothing in Pathway 1 that would interfere with the action of chemo therapeutics and in fact may help improve your experience.
#19: What is healthy cell division, proliferation, and differentiation as mentioned on the Pathway 1™ label?

Pathway 1™ has three ingredients that each act on different cellular pathways in our cells.

  1. Hemp Extract specifically acts on a number of cellular pathways. The most important is PPAR-gamma, an epigenetic pathway that is responsible for the healthy differentiation and division of cells.
  2. Frankincense helps to make sure that cells proliferate in a healthy way by influencing the caspase pathway an important pathway for healthy cell proliferation.
#20: What is cell cycle modulation as mentioned on the Pathway 2™ label?

Pathway 2™ has three ingredients that support three primary cellular pathways that are responsible for the natural function of a cell life cycle, from birth to growth and finally cell death. The Cellular pathways of p53 and NfKB are intrinsic for the heathy function of cellular cycles.

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