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Onco-Adjunct Pathway-4

Onco-Adjunct Pathway-4

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Product Information

The ONCO-ADJUNCT™ Pathway System brings a thoughtful approach to cellular imbalances using Liquid Protein Scaffold™ (LPS™) technology and terpene enrichment, which support absorption of bioactive polyphenols.

This product should only be used in consultation with your medical provider.

We encourage you to learn everything you can about the specific pathways affected in your individual case… and to work closely with your doctor and/or a licensed medical or health care provider to choose the optimal pathway combination to address your own cellular imbalances.

This product is not intended to replace treatments recommended to you by your doctor and/or a licensed medical or health care provider.

Pathway 4™

Promotes Immune Function & Cell Cycles*

ONCO-ADJUNCT™ Pathway 4™ is a nutritional supplement that combines Beta Glucans with three LPS™ bioactive polyphenols using brown rice as the scaffold.

LPS™ technology delivers molecular polyphenols such as Fisetin, EGCG, and Resveratrol to your body by using protein as the carrier. Without LPS™ technology they are not assimilated because they don’t dissolve.

  1. LPS™ Brown Rice-Fisetin Complex – May support Sirtuin, NRF2, and NFkB pathways.*
  2. LPS™ Brown Rice-EGCG Complex – May support cellular health by influencing optimal autophagy.*
  3. LPS™ Brown Rice-Resveratrol Complex – May support Sirtuin, NRF2, and NFkB pathways as well.*
  4. Beta Glucans – May support optimal function of immune system.* Our source for Beta-glucan, called PureMune™, activates all three parts of the immune system, not just the Dectin 1. The activation of the Complement Immune System is critically important for overall immune health.*

Taken together with Pathways 1™, 2™/2-Ferro™, and 3™, these substances help to modulate the healthy function of your cellular pathways to promote cellular health.*

More About the P4 Ingredients

Research shows that these substances provide various types of health support.


  • Stimulates the Sirtuin (SIRT1) pathway, enhancing cellular autophagy and promoting overall cellular health*
  • Activates the NRF2 pathway, boosting cellular antioxidant response and protecting against oxidative stress*
  • Modulates the NF-κB pathway, contributing to a balanced cellular response*


  • Modulates the AMPK pathway, supporting cellular energy balance and metabolic health*
  • Affects the NF-κB pathway, promoting a balanced cellular response*
  • Influences the MAPK/ERK pathway, impacting cell cycle regulation and cellular health*


  • Stimulates the Sirtuin (SIRT1) pathway, promoting cellular autophagy and overall cellular health*
  • Activates the AMPK pathway, enhancing cellular energy balance and metabolic function*
  • Regulates the NF-κB pathway, for a balanced cellular response*

Beta Glucan:

  • Engages with immune cell receptors, such as Dectin-1, to support optimal immune cell function and immune response at a cellular level*
  • Activates the complement system, strengthening immune cell communication and coordination*
  • Stimulates the production of cytokines, modulating cellular immune response and promoting overall immune health*

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