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Super Silver – 30 ppm Nanopartical Silver

Super Silver – 30 ppm Nanopartical Silver


A New Silver Supplement Alkaline & Structured 30ppm

Safe for Adults & Children of All Ages

Doctor Recommended Natural Alternative

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16oz Bottle 30ppm with 3 piece Accessory Kit.

The nasal sprayer is worth its weight in gold!

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Product Information

Suggestions For Use of Super Silver 30 ppm

ADULTS To Super Charge your immune system or to keep yourself healthy- Adults take 2-3 teaspoons a day, swish & hold in mouth as long as possible then swallow

If you feel something coming on Adults start taking 2-3 tablespoons per day ( you can gargle as well)

If you are already sick take 1 teaspoon an hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 2-3 tablespoons a day for at least 7-10 days.

CHILDREN- Under 5 use smallest dose suggested

To Super Charge your immune system or just to keep healthy- Give Children 1/2-1 teaspoon once or twice a day, swish then hold in mouth as long as possible then swallow

If your child feels something coming on … start taking or gargling 1 -2 teaspoons once or twice per day for at least 7-10 days

If your child is already sick give them 1/2 teaspoon per hour for 24-48 hrs then go down to 1-3 teaspoons one or twice a day for at least 7-10 days.

The contents of this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing reported in this website is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is Super Silver Solution…? Super Silver Solution is a NEW technically advanced form of a product that has been sold worldwide for decades called colloidal silver. Super Silver’s manufacturing process is so unique that it was granted the only patent ever issued for the method of construction of a silver based product. Super Silver consists of tiny (about 10 nanometers long) particles of pure elemental silver suspended in pure water.

Is Super Silver Solution® safe? When taken in the doses specified, Super Silver Solution® is safe for humans when taken internally or applied to the skin or eyes.

Non-Toxicity Test Work Summary: In order to insure not only the best product, but also a safe product, International health’s BioTech manufacturer hired an independent laboratory to do a toxicology study on the Super Silver Solution. The test, called an LD-50 test, was performed in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) Regulations, 16 CFR 1500.

In the test work, the Super Silver was given to a number of both male and female test rats. The amount of Super Silver given to the rats was 5g/kg, or the equivalent of a 200 pound man taking 192 teaspoons of about 4 full 8 ounce bottles of the Super Silver 10ppm solution at one time (the normal adult dosage is one or two teaspoons/day). As a result of the test work, the independent laboratory made the following conclusion, “Under the conditions of this study, there was no mortality or significant evidence of toxicity observed in the rats. The test article (Super Silver Solution) would not be considered toxic at a dose of 5g/kg by oral route in the rat.”

What do I watch out for?

Some companies always tout particle size.

What does particle size have to do with it all?

A company with little real scientific standing will try to confuse potential clients with useless data that is very general in nature, and that in reality has nothing to do with the effectiveness of their product. Often this data sounds quite impressive. But this data is many times just copied or quoted from some doctor or scientist who did work on old silver products in the early or middle 1900’s. Big red flags should go up if a company just touts particle size and/or whether or not the product is colloidal or ionic. The argument of particle size is just a useless theory that states that smaller is somehow better. Focusing on particle size is just a smokescreen for the fact that these companies have no real or reliable data to talk about. Those companies who have real data, talk about it. Those who do not, often just argue about particle size. Unless you can back it with real data, particle size means nothing.

The real question is not which product has the smallest particle size, but rather which company has been able to engineer their particle size to be optimal (the most effective or broad spectrum) while keeping in mind that the amount of silver used has to be low enough to be safe for everyday family consumption. It is true that if a particle is too large it is of little use. It is also true that if a particle is too small it becomes ionic and much less useful, because ionic silver can be influenced or bound up by too many other chemical relationships in the body.

The fact remains that particle size is only important if the product actually works, and the only way to know if a product actually works is to have reliable, independent test data that proves it. Any good company which has reliable, independent test data should be able to show it to you upon request. The test data should include test time periods (how long it took to work), how much was used in the test (the quantity used to get the results) and how strong the silver content was (what ppm levels were used). It is also important to look for the name of the independent lab that did the work. Very few companies have any test data at all, not even in- vivo (living) safety data. The little information that is available from these companies and given out or shown to potential clients, is many times completed by their own in-house laboratories where they can make up any data they want. Good test work will have the name of a quality or reputable lab associated with it. Look for a signed copy.

Are there people who should not take Super Silver? We do not know of any. Because this product has not yet gone through all the rigorous tests of the FDA, we cannot be 100% positive at this time. Many people have, however, taken large amounts of colloidal silver for years with no side effects. Finally, it appears that silver quickly becomes widely dispersed throughout the body and does not concentrate in any particular organ that it might damage.

Does Super Silver harm the helpful bacteria in our intestines? Individuals who have taken the Super Silver® for an extended period of time report no negative gastro- intestinal side effects. This may be because most of the silver solution is processed by the kidneys and does not even enter the large intestine. If the small amount of silver solution that enters into the large intestine were to kill some of the helpful bacteria, the density of bacteria is so great in the large intestine that they quickly multiply to regain their normal level.

Are All Silver Products The Same…? Absolutely NOT!

It might appear that all silver solutions are interchangeable. After all, they are tiny particles of silver in purified water. The only room for difference would seem to be the concentration. However, this is not true. No, two colloidal silver solutions with the same concentration might produce very different effects. My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the latest in silver supplementation. Silver has been proven to benefit a healthy lifestyle that supports the immune system. My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the perfect silver solution for daily supplementation. Designed to leave the pH of your body in its most natural state.

This silver solution is triple the strength of our normal silver solution. It contains 30ppm silver, and is pH balanced to optimize your body’s absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in its naturally balanced state.

Join the hundreds of doctors and medical professionals worldwide who choose My Doctor Suggests brand silver solution

Has there been research done on Super Silver? The 50th clinicial study was just completed but the FDA will not let us tell you about the studies because if we do, Super Silver would be considered a drug and we could not sell it to you.

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