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The Magic is BAC

Bio Alge Concentrates

by Roland Thomas, ND, of Quantum Leap Wellness

Bio-Algae Concentrates: Superfoods For Optimum Cellular Health

This book is being provided to increase awareness of the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

Please enjoy and share the information.

This book covers just about everything you can think to ask about the treasures, benefits and testimonials of the bio algae concentrates in the BioSuperFood formulas: F1, F2, & F3 + Biopreparation F2 & F3

Table of Contents

What is covered in the book The Magic Is BAC (Bio Algae Concentrates)

4. Disclaimer and Copyright
6. One Disease – Cellular Disease
8. Why BAC is Likely the Most Efficient Food on Earth
10. Better than Bulk Vitamins and Minerals
11. Why I Want to Write About BAC
13. What are Bio-Algae Concentrates?
15. Bio-Algae Concentrates 20,000 Person Years of Russian Research
19. BAC – North American Research Chicken Viability
21. BAC – North American Research The Pleasant Mile Dairy Farm
23. BAC – North American Research The Alain Forget Dairy Farm
28. BAC – North American Research Saving Merri’s Bighorn Sheep
34. Bio-Algae Concentrates Helped Victims of Chernobyl
37. BAC – North American Leukemia Research
37. The Nutritional Treasures Inside BAC
39. The Ingredients in BAC
46. Detailed List of Nutrients in BAC
50. BAC Awakens the Genius Within
55. The Extraordinary Health Benefits of BAC
58. BAC – Nutritional Energy Medicine
60. BAC – The World’s Best Source of Protein and Amino Acids
63. The Incredible Array of Vitamins Contained in BAC
66. BAC Contains the Most Complete Offering of Minerals
68. Iron in BAC and the Prevention of Anemia
68. The Thousands of Enzymes in BAC
70. BAC – A Rich Source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
71. Gamma Linolenic Acid in BAC Stimulates Master Hormones
75. The Photosynthetic Life-Giving Pigment Content of BAC
78. Chlorophyll in BAC – The Shepherd of Light
82. The Incredible Arsenal of Antioxidants in BAC
84. BAC Contains High Levels of Astaxanthin, the King of the Carotenoids
92. Phycocyanin in BAC Enhances the Immune System
93. Porphyrin in BAC Supports Healthy Red Blood Cells
94. The Fats, Sugars, Salts and Calories of BAC
94. Differences Between BAC and Other Algae
96. BAC for People on a Low-Carb Diet
97. BAC for Dieting and Weight Loss
99. BAC for Vitality and Intestinal Health
100. BAC for Nervous System Disorders
101. BAC for Suppressing Appetite and Reducing Cravings
102. BAC for Enhancing Brain Function
104. BAC for Proper pH Balance
105. BAC for Assisting the Body in Preventing Cancer
107. Studies Show BAC Can Help the Body Reverse Cancer
109. The Nutrients in BAC Help the Body Fight Cancer
110. How BAC Boosts Immunity
114. The Important Polysaccharides Found in BAC
115. The Remarkable Protection Powers of BAC’s Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA)
115. BAC for Cardiovascular Health
120. Reducing Bad Cholesterol with BAC
122. Supporting the Heart and Blood Vessels with BAC
126. BAC for Heavy Metal Detoxification
127. BAC for Hypoglycemia and Diabetes
130. Seeing is Believing – Visual Health with BAC
135. BAC for Cleansing and Detoxification
136. Fertility, Fecundity and Viability with BAC
141. The Many Benefits of Consuming BAC
15. How to Take BAC
151. Effects of Consuming BAC
153. Human Use – Cases
161. The Cost of BAC
163. Where to Get BAC
163. FAQ
197. Human Use – Testimonials
308. Animal Use – Testimonials and Cases
331. Supporting Research
351. About the Author

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Formula F2

Formula F3

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