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**High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is LOADED With Mercury**
Chapman - Prepare For Bankruptcy Of The US
Intense Light Could Detect Parkinson's
Scientists - Mad Cow Transmitted In Blood Plasma
Author Blames His Alzheimer's On Mercury Fillings
Antibiotic-Resistant Illness From Ocean Ecosystems
Pathogens Abound In Reclaimed Water
The Milky Way Galaxy Has 'Billions Of Earths'
Monsanto Putting Non-GM Seeds Out Of Reach
Human Cost Of Depletion Uranium Weapons
Trillions Of Planets Could Have Life
UK Unemployment To Hit 3 Million
Roubini tells Geithner to nationalise US banks
UK Cell Phone Companies To Sell Customer Data
Light Beam Used To Study Viruses
September 11th, 2008 - America's Economic 9/11?
The Maggots in Your Mushrooms
New Fight To Stop Mass Fluoridation
OUTRAGEOUS Fed Health Control Hidden In Stimulus
RON PAUL: WHAT IF… The American People Learn Truth!
'Lancet' Reveals Horrendous Israeli War Crimes
Pig Intestines, Downer Cows
Japan's Downturn Is Bad News for the World
40% 'Vegetative' Coma Patients May Be Misdiagnosed
The Truth About Facebook
More Pregnant Women Get Anti-Depressants
Now Illegal To Photograph UK Cops
Worst Is Yet to Come For Americans
FDA Declares Form of Vitamin B6 a Drug, Effectively Banning
Pyridoxamine from Dietary Supplements
Spain withdraws suspect Gardasil batch
Bill Clinton: We Need ‘Fairness Doctrine…or More Balance’ on Radio Talk Shows
The Alex Jones Show - L I V E - Feb 13 With Rep. Dan Itse (audio)
Vaccination Liberation - Exemptions
UK Home Prices Dive At Record Rate
Obama's Stimulus - Not One In Congress Read It - Vid
Spilling The Beans - The Trouble With Soy
CA Frees 55,000 Prisoners To Save Money
Toxic Waste Blamed For Birth Defects
GSK To Provide Cheap Drugs To 3rd World
US Federal Obligations Exceed WORLD GDP!
Amazing - Color Striped Icebergs In Antarctic
Dubai - Crane Operator Needed...
41% Unaware Cancer Linked To Poor Diet
US Drone Attack Kills 25 In Pakistan
US Unemployment Hits 32 Yr High
Your printer may still be hazardous to your health
Celente - Worst Economic Collapse Ever - Vid
Kisses unleash chemicals that ease stress levels
EMF Load Hidden Factor In Many Illnesses
MMR vaccine not linked to autism, US court rules
Energy Cops To Invade Every UK Home
Ashley's Life Ruined By Gardasil HPV Shot
Cuckoo - Turning Sewer Water Into Drinking Water - pdf
Toxic Cabin Air In Airliners
Cell Phone And Brain Tumor Evidence - Vid
CDC Morgellons Study Results 'Maybe This Year'
Bisphenol-A Found In Pop Cans
And The Job Reforming The FDA Goes To...
Australians Denied Life Insurance Over Genes - Vid
The Global Drug Charade
Obama's Gun Ban List Is Out
Monsanto Is Putting Normal Seeds Out Of Reach
New Low In Drug Research - 21 Fabricated Studies
Statins Stole My Memory
Flu Pandemic Ahead - Common Strain Now Resistant
Patients CAN Sue Drug Companies - Supreme Court
Stem Cell Treatment Allows 2 Year Old To See
Food Stamp Soars To Record 31.8 Million People
Hollywood Does Chemtrails - 'Toxic Skies' - Vid
Wireless Tasers Next
Regeneration Of Human Body Cells A Reality - Vid
NM Senate President Sides With Top Aspartame Maker
NO AUTISM In Never-Vaccinated Children
Poison On The Platter - Vid
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders
The New World Order on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight  vid
‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible
Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic
**Scientists Say H5N1 Pandemic Is Certain**
English Channel Water Sold In US For Stuffy Noses
America Losing 23,000 Jobs Every Day
Why Did So Few Americans Give a Damn?
Food Ingredients That Harm Your Health
"The Fight of All Fights"
UN Accuses US Of 1million Iraqi Deaths
US Job Seekers To See Even Lower Wages
Don't Talk To The Police - Vid
Communist Bill Criminalizes Home Organic Gardens
US Has Far Too Many Overseas Bases
Glenn Beck Mentions FEMA Camps on Fox & Friends
Ocean Dead Zones Spreading Rapidly
Monsanto's Dream Bill - HR 875 - Monstrously Evil
Are You Poisoning Yourself With Fish?
CDC Closer Look At Gardasil And Paralysis
Billions On Cancer Fails To Improve Survival
Seeds - How To Criminalize Them
IVF Babies 30% More Likely To Have Birth Defects
Monsanto's Bt Cotton Kills Soil AND Farmers
Effects Of Cell Phones On Hemoglobin
UK Warns Of Nuclear Terror Threat
Pharmaceuticals Found In Fish Across The US
Fed Plans 15 Fold Increase In Money Supply!
97 Yr Old Physician's Formula For Life
US Mint Suspends More Gold And Silver Coins
Global Warming Simply No Longer Happening
Grapeseed Oil Half-Truths
China Proposes World Currency
FL VA Hospital May Have Given AIDS To 3,650?
H1N1 Vaccine Failures
A Golden Anti-Cancer Nano Tea Brew
Japanese Exports Plunge Nearly 50%
Porton Down Veterans Increased Death Rates
UK Peanut Butter Recall - Fungal Cancer Scare
Fed - US Constitutionalists Potential Terrorists
IMF - Economic Crisis Will Engulf The World
Another Bad Report On Gardasil
Soldiers Ordered To Register Their Private Guns
The Day The Dollar Dies - Vid
More US Tent Cities As Recession Wears On
VW To Launch 258 MPG Car - Cost $600 US
Suicide Watch For US Soldiers In Iraq
Deadly New MRSA From Farm Animals Found
Farmers To Cut Back On US Planting
Laser Eye Surgery Risks Underplayed By Opticians
The Medical Mafia
Very Hot Tea, Coffee Linked To Esophageal Cancer
Killing Prostate Cancers With Heat
Child Obesity Tied To Chemicals In Plastics
Germany Bans Cultivation of GM Corn
Luke Rudkowski - ‘U.S. media doesn’t want truth’ vid
US Foreclosures Up 24 Pct In 1Q
Can't Judge People By Their Appearance - Vid
Report: FBI plans massive expansion of DNA database
Foreclosures Hit Record Levels - Haven't Peaked
Summer 2009: The international monetary system’s breakdown is underway
IMF Warns Of Parallels To Great Depression
Suppressed Pioneers Of New Knowledge
Pathogens Commonly Transmitted In Food
Weekly Online Radio Usage Jumps To 42 Million
China: Concentration Camps Are Exposed vid
Drywall Mud Dust May Be Serious Lung Hazard
Sony Ericsson, Toshiba To Cut 6,000 Jobs
Tea Party Protest At White House - Vid
Understanding The Global Financial Collapse - Pt 2 - Vid
Life running out of control - Genetically Modified Organisms VID
More And More Kids Allergic To Fruit, Veggies
Chemtrails - The Latest Assault on Us
Effect Of Cell Phones On Neuron Survival
UK Diabetes Cases Up By 75%
Cancers Caused By Obesity Big Threat
Cancer Deaths To Double In Next 40 Years
271 Million Pounds Of Rx Drugs Dumped In US Water
Congresswoman Bachmann Questions Geithner & Bernanke About A Global Currency VID
Hemp Bill Introduced In Congress
Vaccines: The Deadly Cure - Prison Planet Research Archive
War On IQ: Fluoride, MSG And Mercury In Vaccines VID
Man detained and harassed at airport for carrying cash vid
MP3 Players To Now Program The Unborn
MIBs Take Free Energy Inventor's Magnet Motor Vid
Understanding The Global Financial Collapse - Pt 1 - Vid
3,609 New UK Laws To Control Its People
Tons Of Suspected Mad Cow Infected US Beef Sold
EU Human Trafficking Surpasses Drug Smuggling
Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? - pdf
Germany Bans Monsanto's GM Maize
The Mind Numbing Size Of The Universe - Images
Parents Penalized If Kids Misbehave At School
US Bed Bug Outbreak
Massive MONSANTO GM Corn Crop Failure In SA
Obama looks at climate engineering
Test Animals Rendered Into Pet Food
Five Cm Fir Tree Removed From Man's Lung
Stem Cell Diabetics Go For Years W/Out Insulin
Swine Flu Threatens Millions With Other Diseases
Ancient Chinese White Tea May Fight Obesity
Horowitz- Swine Flu Is Genocide For Profit - Vid
Ron Paul - Putting Swine Flu In Perspective - Vid
Remember - 88+ Dead Scientists And Microbiologists
Swine Flu Panic Stoked For Profit, Control?
Toddler First US Flu Death - Panic Blankets Mexico
Americans To Get Biggest Tax Increase In History
S Koreans Claim To Have Cloned Glowing Dogs
UK School Kids To Be Taught To Read On Google
US Still In Deep Recession
Scientists See Flu Strain As Relatively Mild
The Global Elite - Who Are They?
Senate Bill To Expel Junk Food From US Schools
Feds Can Quarantine  Anyone With 'Flu-Like' Symptoms
Swine Flu Bonanza For Insider BioTech Companies
UK Becoming First 'Soft' Totalitarian State
Garlic May Reduce Risk Of Skin Cancer
First Genetic Analysis Of Swine Flu
Outbreak In Mexico Far Smaller Than Thought
Mylow Posts Video Of Running Bar-Magnet-Motor
US GDP Poised For Epic Collapse
America No Longer Ruled By Law VID
Gardasil Linked to Nerve Disorder
International Monetary Fund Slowly Taking Over as Global Economic Regulator and Banker
Swine flu pandemic? It feels like a phoney war
Alex welcomes Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola AUDIO
More Than 400 Schools Closed - 161 US Flu Cases
Mexico City Lockdown (Amazing What Fear Can Do)
Swine Virus Could Be (Is) Mild Strain - Scientists
Companies Buy Tamiflu For 500,000 Workers
Dr. Henry Niman's H1N1 FluTracker Map
Failed Businesses Up 56% - Record Bankruptcies
The Alex Jones Show -All the latest swine flu news is covered in-depth.  AUDIO
Swine Flu Less Potent Than First Thought
'They' Are Listening To Everything - Project Echelon
Billions More Tossed Into Big Pharma Pockets
Concerns Over Chemtrails Increase - Vid
UK Kids Tracked By Satellite To Stop Bad Behavior
Hubble Telescope's Greatest Images
Ritalin Improves A Child's Academic Performance (Sure)
China - Corrupt Officials Imprison Whistle-Blowers
Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!
The War Over HR 875
40 Top Micro-Biologists Killed In Less Than 4 Yrs
Glaxo Leands Pharma Stocks Surge
Drugs Companies Ready For Swine Flu Bonanza
Statement On Allicin C And Swine Flu
Baxter (!) To Develop Swine Flu Vaccine
Faux 'Prevention' & The Cancer Industrial Complex
Lessons About Gays To Be Forced From Age 11
Sex Education For UK 5 Yr Olds Compulsory
New Swine Flu Is A Manmade Spliced Virus - Vid
Regular Flu Has Killed 1,000s Already This Year
Economy Turning Around? - Watch This Video - Vid
Army Orders Soldiers To Register Their Private Guns
China Has 100 Million With Mental Illness
Big Pharma Is Controlling Your Life
Acetaminophen Poisoning - Vid
50 Harmful Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods
Smart Energy Meters For Every UK Home
Fewer Than 33% Americans Would Take Flu Jab
How We Are Emptying Our Seas
Binge Drinking Increases Risk Of Dementia
Let's Keep Those Dangerous Homeopaths Out
Car Speed Limiters Ahead For Drivers
Brain Scanning Used In Security Checks
Toxins In Off-The-Shelf Products Increase Quickly
Top 10 Most Common Fast Food Ingredients
Some US Soldiers Forced To Steal Water In Iraq
Chemical Time Bomb Fear For Boys' Fertility
FDA Warns Cheerios Over Health Claims
Nokia To Put RFID Chips In Cell Phones
Disturbance Of The Immune System By EMFs
Robot Teacher Conducts First Class In Tokyo School
HR 645 Creates Detention Camps In America
UK Kids Brainwashed To Support MMR Vax
Green Tea 'Could Help Fight Leukemia'
Cancer Risk From Cell Phones - It's Official
Flu Vaccine Puts Kids At Risk
Mother, Son Still Hiding From Forced Chemo
Obama Admin To Implement Govt Flu Shots? - Vid
12 Basic Life-Saving Cell Phone Use Precautionst
Top 100 Sites Specializing In EMF Issues - pdf
Chemtrails Over Reedsport, OR
Obama Brings Indefinite Detention To America - Vid
Chinese Drywall Has High Levels Of Strontium
Child Cases Of Diabetes To Double
Malignant Mesothelioma Risk Grows With Hodgkin's Treatment
Cancer Cure Can't Be Patented
Birthright Citizenship Act Of 2009 HR 1868
You Are A SLAVE To The Government - Vid
Cancer Treatment Makes Fingerprints Vanish
Multivitamins Linked To Younger Biological Age
Arnold Plans Total End Of Welfare For CA Families
Should Vaccinations Be Compulsory?
Skin Bacteria May Be Essential For Health
Chapman - Gold To Stand Against Big Devaluations
The Massive Profits Of Disease, Sickness And Death
Irradiated Cat-Food Banned In Australia
Farm Groups Fight Call For GMO Wheat
Obama Open To Taxing Health-Care Benefits!
Big Brother HAS Gone Too Far - Ex-Spy Chief
Banks Run The Country
Federal Court Says States Can Regulate Guns
STOP Genetically Modified Wheat
Man Gets Tazed, Mocks Cops, Gets Away - Vid
Estrogen Linked To Lowered Immunity In Fish
Hodgkins Lymphoma Treatment Side Effects
Getting Dad Off The Death Diet - Vid
'MMR Jab Should Be Mandatory For All UK Kids'
It's Raining Dead Birds In Western Australia
Protection From Cell Phone Towers & Radiation
Deadly GM Foods - 'They Knew & Didn't Tell' - Vid
Clouded, Suspicious Baxter To Make A-H1N1 Vax
A Stem Cell Therapy For Blindness
Parents Barred From Photographing Own Kids
Gardasil Follow Up - The Terrible Consequences - Vid
Oz Cops Execute Man With 28 Taser Shots
Chemtrails Outrage Florence, OR Residents - Vid
Artificial Sweeteners Downstream Of Sewage Plants
Nutrient Density Key To Good Health - Vid
Free Speech Is The Oxygen Of Civilization
FDA Threatens All Natural Products Mentioning A-H1N1
Tennessee Lawmakers Allow Guns In Bars
The Consequences of Homosexual Marriage
New Collaboration For GM-Free Wheat Traits
IRS To Ban Tax Returns Filed By All But 'Experts'
Hand Sanitizers - Toxic Danger If Ingested
US Accused Of Spying On Millions Of Emails
DU Rods, Sabots Survived Inferno At Camp Doha
Aurora Borealis Photographed From Space
Antidepressant Use SOARS As Recessions Worsens
Complex Obstacle Course Aced By Squirrel - Vid
Fatal A-H1N1 Swine Flu Cluster In Buffalo, NY
98% US 'Green' Products Make False Claims
China Tells Google To End Foreign Site Acccess
RFK Jr Explains Vaccines & Autism Coverup - Vid
Review - William Engdahl's 'Full Spectrum Dominance' - Pt 1
Next question in swine flu - who gets vaccinated?
World Speed Record With An Electric Car - Vid
Japan Volcanic Eruption Photo From Space
Using The Economic Crisis To Attack Workers
Man Destroys His Own Foreclosed Home
Swine Flu May Hit Half The Population
MRSA Pet-To-Owner Transmissions Increasing
A/H1N1 Epidemic Escalating In Middle East
Telecommunications In India - Photos
Men 70% More Likely To Die From Cancer Than Women
H5N1 Survives Buried In Dead Birds For Two Years
Government Empowers Teenage Criminals To “Patrol” Streets As
‘Urban Rangers’
Like Japan, New Zealand Moving Towards Cashless Society
Medicare For All Best Cure For US?
New Film Reveals Dark Side Of US Food Industry
Water Contaminated With Arsenic, Fluoride
Biggest Chicken Egg Ever? - Vid
False Charges Are Routine In The US
Swine Flu Vax A Serious Threat To Your Health
Nanotechnology - The New Asbestos?
It'll Be YEARS Before Jobs Return To Much Of US
75% Of Physicians Refuse Chemo For Themselves!
High Fat Diet Tied To Deadly Cancer
Can A Blast Of Light Kill Breast Cancer
Hope For Blindness Cure With Laser Breakthrough
How Computers Can Damage Childrens Brains
Banksters Love Cap And Trade
MN Judge Orders Teen To Continue Chemo
Aspartame - The People Behind The Invention - pdf
Shampoos Chemicals May Lower Birth Weight
How To Legally Say 'NO' To All Vaccines
Pet Bites Can Give Owners MRSA
The Effect Of Animal Fats On The Human Body - Vid
Top 5 Most Sinister Corporate Logos
Holder - I Would Restrict Free Speech On The Internet - Vid
Animal Fats Linked To Pancreatic Cancer
Martial Law & Food Control In One Insane Bill - HR 2749
Jackson Was Taking 8 Drugs EVERY DAY
India Turns To Cloud Seeding For Rain
"> Suicide Warnings For Two Anti-Smoking Drugs
The Monumental Cap and Trade Outrage - Vid
Russians order Flight Changes, after Massive Magnetic Shift downs Airliners
UK Water Companies Snoop On Homeowners
Ron Paul Calls Out Barky's Warming Scam
Gerald Celente Speaks On Cap And Trade - Vid
Jackson - Powerful Anesthetic Drugs Found In His Home
Big Pharma Pushes Statins On Healthy Over 40s
Going Veggie Cuts Cancer Risk In Half
EU Science Authority Says GM Maize Is 'Safe' (right...)
US Judge Seeks To Ban Internet News Linking
We Are in the Middle Of A Crash
Plan To Use Army On Americans
Wierd Mutants Or Aliens Living In A Sewer vid
A List of Corporate Lobbying
More States Expected To Allow Guns Into Bars
Enzyme Breakthrough To Treat Cholesterol
ExxonMobil Funds Climate Change Doubter Groups
Congress Pushing For Federal Reserve Audit
Think The Military Doesn't Use Civilians For Testing? - Vid
Enzyme Breakthrough To Treat Cholesterol
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List Of Components Of Glaxo H1N1 Vaccine
No Mandatory Vaccine Federal Law...Yet?
Flesh-Eating Military Robots Go Vegan
Teen Pregnancy, Disease Up Sharply In Bush Yrs
Woman Detained For Taping Police Search
Icke - Biggest Danger Is The Vax - Not The Flu
Doctors Warn Avoid Genetically Modified Food
FL Rep Laughs In Bernanke's Face - Vid
All Parents Forced To Sign Child Behavior Contracts
World Prepares To Dump The Dollar
53 Possibly Exposed To Fatal Brain Disease
Which Is Worse? Germs Or The Antibiotics?
Know Your Rights - 21th Century Traitors - Vid
India Rejects Global 'Warming' Science
MDs Warn Of H1N1 Jabs For Vulnerable Patients
UK Police Ranks Reach Record Numbers
(Tesla) - Wireless Power System Shown audio
FTC Supplement Clamp-Down Hits Rite-Aid
David Davis - 'Google Is Last Company I Would Trust...'
Where Is The Rage
Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations Coming?
US Preps Major 'Terrorism' Readiness Exercise
Squalene - Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret
Obama Science Czar Wants Forced Abortions, Mass Sterilization
UK Oil Giants Profits Plunge $10 Billion
Quick, Quiet Genetic Corn Approval Questioned
Countless Reasons To Hate ObamaCare
Chinese State Steel Workers Beat Firm Boss Dead
Idaho Man Sodomized With Taser By Animal Cop
Endless War - It Wasn't Always Like This
Parents Blame Vaccines for Autism
Simple Cure For Tinnitus
The NSA Is Still Listening To You
Startling New Evidence 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made
Secret Patio Tax To Hammer UK Middle Class
WHO Will Be Killing You?
Toxic Sodium Laurel Sulfate In Your Shampoo
New Photos - Disturbing Morgellons Fibers, Specimens
Air Force Plans For All-Drone Future
Potential Neurotoxin Could Be in Our Food
High-Fructose (From Corn) Diets Impair Memory
Doc Faces Sack For Not Backing Gay Adoptions
Proven - 10 Yr Old McDonalds Food Won't Age - Vid
Depleted Uranium Is Deadly Forever
Au$$ie Govt Enforce$ Vaccine Monopoly
Vitamin D And The Swine Flu - Vid
..The Money Is In The Medicine, Not The Cure.
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