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Man dies after Chicago police use taser on him
Nuremberg Trials: Big Pharma’s Crimes Against Humanity
Depleted Uranium - Iraq's Nuclear Nightmare vid
Why Bailout Could Not, Will Never Work - Vid
Life Expectancy Drops To 69.3 Years In The US
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show: “A Global Financial Order”  vid
Alex Jones On International Press TV Discussing The Economic Implosion VID
Telco immunity faces first court challenge
FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies
Threatened with Arrest if They Don’t Pay Up
Carbon tax seen as best way to slow global warming
Farmers sue labs over foot-and-mouth
Diet Soft Drink Makers Not Required to Disclose
Chemical Sweetener Ingredients in Restaurants
FDA Protects Chinese Supplier of Tainted Heparin, Refuses to Release Names
Compulsory sex education for pupils as young as five could become law
Television May Be Doing Your Thinking
Gardasil Sales Drop 33% - Merck Not Happy
Pesticides Make Farmers Literally Depressed
Many pesticides in EU may damage human brain: study
Latest GM Propaganda - 'Anti-Cancer' Tomato
Dr. Cantwell On H5N1 DNA And Flu Vaccine
Question Everything!
'Stevia Is A Drug' - FDA Citizen's Petition - Madness
Gold Stocks Were Financial Saviors In 1930s
US Biggest Chicken Producer Facing Big Trouble
Adverse Drug Reactions Killing In EU Hospitals
Credit Squeeze May Cut Crops - Spur Food Crisis
UK Cops To Take Citizen Prints In Street
Pediatrician - ADHD Does Not Exist (He's Right)
Dr. Laibow - H5N1 DNA In Flu Vaccine - Vid
Billions Wiped Off Workers Pension Funds
Crude Oil Falls To $61 Barrel
Obesity Drug Tied To Suicides Pulled
Cancer Rates Grow Around Cell Phone Towers
Teenagers Less Intelligent Than Last Generation
Toxic Fluoride Added To UK School Kids' Milk!
Diversity Of Human Skin Bacteria Revealed
UK Pushing Contraceptive Jabs, Implants
CA Dirty Air Kills More Than Car Crashes
American IQs Are Being Destroyed - Vid
GM Crops Threaten Human Fertility & Health
US Long Term Jobless At 25 Yr High
Scientists Say New Ice Age Coming
10% UK Parents Think Chips/Cola Are Fruit/Veg
OZ planning to block 10,000 websites
Mile-Thick Pollution Cloud Choking Planet
Technology, Exams Creating Robot Children
Organic Beekeepers Report Zero Losses
6,000 Ecstasy Pills Seized In Syangogues
US Carmaker Crash Would Lose 3M Jobs
Google Into Flu Spread Data Business
Coroner Rules Homicide In Taser Death
Georgia War Crimes Against S.O. - Vid
Ex-Hitler Youth's Warning To America
Fear Of Fascism Pushes Citizen Gun Sales
Cancer Drugs Make Tumors Grow
US Store Closings - The Latest Casualty Count
Alzheimer's Disease (Mad Cow) Hitting 40 Yr Olds
Gardasil Tied To 78 Outbreaks Of Genital Warts
Across UK, Cops Behaving Like Gangsters
50,000 UK Realtors Gone In Next 9 Months
'Healthy Life Years' Replaces Life Expectancy
US Import Alert On China Foods
What Will Happen If GM Fails - Vid
What Warming? - World Seeing Record Cold
Collapse Of The Real Economy
Obama's Draft Reg Raises Serious Questions
Sneak Plan For Mandatory ID Cards
Big Pharma BS: 'Vit A/E Don't Help Prevent Cancer'
Panel Certifies Gulf War Syndrome
Return Of The Living Dead
Paulson Gives $700B Bailout To Rich Pals
Possible Gun Ban/Increase Tax Creates Panic
DOW Could Reach 5000 By Jan 2009
Credit Card Firms Attacked For Raising Rates To 17%
Nanotechnology - Big Fears For Future
Chemo More Harm Than Good - Study (gosh)
Scandal Rocks US Kosher Meat Industry
Robots Now Make Faces Exactly Like People
US Army Federal Civilian Inmate Labor Program
Obese Kids Have Arteries Like 45 Yr Olds
Oil Falls To $50 A Barrel
Gulf War Syndrome Deaths To Soar
Bailout Cost Already $3.5T - To Get Far Larger
Japanese Water Powered Car Here - Vid
25 Best US Cities To Find A Job
Big Pharma Sits On Cheaper Drugs
Thanksgiving Sales Poor Across US
Guns Save Lives - Read
UK Continues To Lie About Deadly DU
Science Concedes - Cell Phones Break Up Cell DNA
World Pandemic Of Alzheimers & Other Dementia
FDA Draws Fire Over Toxins In Baby Formula
More Down's Syndrome Being Born
New Rat-To-Human Flea-Born Bacterial Plague
Cops Hurt By Taser Training Sue Company
Govt. Pays For Deadly, Unapproved Drugs
Junk Food Causes Dementia In Mice
Helen Thomas - It's A Depression
More Evidence Linking Meat To Cancer
FDA OKs HIGHER Melamine In Baby Formula
Ron Paul on RussiaToday (November 27, 2008) vid
Investors Dump Dollars, Fiat Paper For Gold
Danger -  What Foods Should I Avoid?
Vatican Sex Crimes - Vid
FDA Scientists Accuse FDA Chiefs Of Misconduct
Making A Killing - The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging vid
Autopsy Says Man Tased By Deputies Died Naturally
Track Your $8.5 Trillion In 'Rescue Funds'
Doctor Recommends Avoiding Flu Shot, Taking Vitamin D Instead
Lynx deodorant kills boy, 12
The truth about drugs…vid
HIV carriers face microchip implants in Indonesia’s Papua province
America being dumbed down  vid
UK National Debt To Exceed $2T
Austrian Government Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM)
Crops Threaten Human Fertility and Health Safety
Alan Watt on Alex Jones Show (11 / 18 / 08)
New Bacterium That Causes Leprosy Identified
Sharia Law Threatens America - Vid
Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank
OPEC says oil price will not rebound until mid-2009
Nikola tesla and The Electric Universe  
Texas DA reveals evidence against Cheney
How Mercury Kills the Brain vid
Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans than Illegal Drugs
New Research: Fluoride Damages Children's Liver and Kidneys (NYSCOF)
Pesticides Destroying Male Sexuality In All Species
Coke/Pepsi Used As Pesticides - Vid
How BIG Is Wal-Mart?
And Now For A World Government
Regional Fed Chiefs: Elite Insiders Have “Usurped Authority”
New Deodorant Thwarts Underarm Hair
Stronger Than Cement, Six Times Lighter - Vid
Poor Families Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12 Babies Die
Food Barcodes Do Not Reveal 'Made In China'
TreatmentDow Chemical To Cut 5,000 Jobs, Close 20 Plants
Fraud - Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists - Vid
Budweiser To Cut 1,400 US Jobs
Last Will And Testament Of A Farmer
US Economy In Accelerating Freefall
Cancer To Be World's Top Killer By 2010
New Hope For Alzheimer's Patients
H5N1 Vaccine Failure In Hong Kong
Chemical Used on Crops could Make You Fat
World's Hungry Close To One Billion
Blackwater Thugs Face Manslaughter Charges
ADHD Drug Causes Psychosis, Hallucinations, Mania
Physician Calls For USDA Food Pyramid Boycott
Campaign To Ban Synthetic Sweetener Aspartame Gaining Global Ground
Amnesty Demands Taser Use Limits
Revealed -  40% Of All Pensions Funds Go To Fees
Diet Sweeteners Forced On New Yorkers
China Releases List Of Illegal (Toxic) Food Additives
USDA To Test Meat, Poultry For Melamine, WHY?
FDA Urges The Pregnant To Eat More Mercury
Dismal Economy Sinks Oil Below US$37
CDC Advises Vs Tamiflu For Seasonal Flu
Bailout Ripoff Tops $8 Trillion
Just Like Post 911 - India Passes New Terror Laws
Shoe Thrower Brutally Beaten After Arrest
US Gasoline Seen Hitting $1 Gal In 2009
The Amazing History Of Hemp - Vid
Big Midwest Ice Storm (More Global Warming)
One In Ten Scots Taking Antidepressants
Confidential Trade Secret Information On Aspartame
Real Cost Of Bailout So Far: $5 TRILLION - $7.4 TRILLION - $8.5 TRILLION!
Buy Your Poison - Aspartame, Diet Soda, Splenda
Aspartame Study: 67% of Female Rats Developed Visible Tumors PDF
Aspartame Consumption Again Linked To Degeneration Of Brain Neurons
Fluoride: Deadly Poision VID
Norway Study, Shows Aspartame Destroys Brain,
Especially In The Area Of Learning
Duke University Study Links Splenda To Weight Gain, Health Problems
One month without Diet Coke
Splenda Linked To Weight Gain
How Aspartame Causes Many Breast Cancers
Abuse of Prescription Drugs Rises Among Stressed Iraqi Soldiers
Sugar as addictive as cocaine, heroin, studies suggest
Dirty Secrets Of The Food Processing Industry
Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual
How Mercury Kills the Brain VID
Splenda Study Raises Health Worries
Pneumonia Vaccine Not Effective (big surprise)
Gaza Slaughter Angering UK Muslims Warns Brown
Alcoa Announces 15,000 Job Cuts
Deep Brain Stimulation Helps Parkinson's Victims
Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 388 Across US
Israeli Maniacs Irradiated Sephardic Children - Vid
ALERT- Jackson-Lee To Intro Fed 'Hate Bill'
Ron Paul - US Spends $1T Keeping Its Empire - Vid
Extinct Animals Could Be Brought Back To Life
Pink Slips Pile Higher - Recession Worsens
Martial Law, The Financial Bailout, And War
Vatican Cardinal - Gaza Like A Nazi Death Camp
BoE Cuts Interest Rates To 300 Year Low
Insect Based BioWeapons ConcernTreatment
Bank Of England Policymaker Predicts Unprecedented Dollar Collapse
Obama Calls For All Computerized Records
Stock Losses Leave Pensions $400B Short
Ron Paul Condemns Gaza Invasion - Vid
Depleted Uranium Found In Gaza Victims
Food Riots, Civil Unrest In Dis-United States Of America
UN President - Gaza Invasion A Monstrosity
Bayer's HIV Medicine Scandal
Chemtrail Fallout In NoCal, SoOR Newspaper Ad
Kissinger Wants Barky To Create NWO - Vid (2:45)
Bayer Knowingly Sold HIV-Contaminated Vaccines, Say Internal Documents
How’s that $8 trillion bailout going?
The Gaza Bloodbath
Biggest Rise In US Unemployment In 59 Yrs
Coke Orange Drinks - 300x More Pesticide Than Water
Morning After Pills For UK School Kids
MRSA Found INSIDE A Knee Joint
OTC & Rx Drug Addictions Significant Problem
Ten Years Into The Chemtrail-Wars
MSG - Dosed Again!
33% New Food Products Make Natural Claims
MRSA Rising In Children's ENT Infections
Lindsey Williams Details 'Economic Calamity'
Brit Wins Vioxx Side Effect Case Vs Merck
Obama Admin Considers Govt Owned Bank
Mengele Created Brazilian Town Of Twins
Anti-Obesity Drug Cleared By EU
Is Your Child Being Shaped For Profit?
Brits Want Their Guns Back - Vid
Uninsured UK Drivers To Have Cars Crushed!
'Sell Sterling, Get Cash Out Of Britain - Jim Rogers
California Suspends All Welfare Checks
Caterpillar, Sprint, Home Depot Cut 61,000 Jobs
Cancer is a Fungus & is killed with Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) video
Animated Map Of How WalMart Ate America
FDA OKs Human Embryonic Stem Cell Study
Sanjay Gupta Is Anti-Antioxidants
Huge Airships Coming Back?
Flood Of Foreclosures - Worse Than You Think
World's highest drug levels entering India stream
Gaza Soil Devastation Due To DU, Phosphorus
Internet Control Plans Out In Open
1 in 4 Americans believe the Bush administration committed war crimes
Mystery virus hits 15 million PCs around the world
Many Man-Made Chemicals Detected in Drinking Water Supplies
Whistleblower: NSA spied on everyone, targeted journalists
World Warned Of Food Crisis
Iceland - Street Riots Over Financial Crisis
Do You Trust What The Media Tells You? - Vid
Oz Magnetic Motor Yields 5X Electricity Used - Vid
Chemtrails - Danger In The Sky - Vid
Leading Psychiatrist: Internet Addiction Is 'Clinical Disorder'
Interesting Report - Alex Jones VId
GM Crops Save Crisis Or Answer Monsanto Prayers?
More Warnings - GM Crops Not The Answer
How To Exit The Matrix
New Bill - All CC Transactions Data Goes To Feds
Do You Like Your Skies, Natural Or Manmade? - Vid
UK Harvests Organs From Dead W/Out Consent
Month Of Fast Food Can Wreck Your Liver
Startling Truth About Docs & Diagnostic Errors
Passengers Virtually Naked Via 3D Airport Scanner
Generation X-Ray - Child Victims Of Technology Abuse
Big Pharma (Profit) Warning - Measles 'Endemic' In UK
Toxic Chemicals In Food Packaging
Cancer Patient Recovers After Immune Cell Injection
14 Next To Powerful UK Cell Tower Dead Of Cancer
Telecoms Giants Get Immunity For Wiretapping Citizens
Solar Powered Electric Car - It Works! - Vid
Brits Charged $4 A Liter For Gas = $15 US Gal
RI School District To RFID Schoolbags
Healthy Lifestyle Triggers Genetic Changes
Suicide-Linked Rx Tested On Mentally Damaged Vets
Chemtrails Anger Vail Resident
Lawsuits Threatened Over Forced Fluoride
LA Turns To Cloud Seeding Over Drought
Coffee Drinking Not Harmful
Are Placebo Pills For Kids Really Benign?
Water-Only Fueled Car Rolled Out In Japan - Vid
Another Rattlesnake Bites WalMart Customer
Kidney Health Group Warns Fluoride Users
Law Bars Talk Of Cell Phone Dangers
3 Robots That Move Just Like Animals  vid
UK Toddlers Who Dislike Spicy Food 'Racist'
UK Schools Used For 'Social Engineering' - Headteacher
Shocking New FDA Gardasil Documents
CA Vs Whole Foods Body Care Carcinogens
DHS Wants Taser Bracelets On All Air Passengers
Eating Soy Linked To Memory Loss
Dr. Rima Laibow Codex Commission Report - Vid
The Poisoning Of America's Water
Some Americans Begin To Buy Shares Of Farms
Crazy US Doctors Back Statins For 8 Yr Olds
Gold Forecast To Rise To $3600
Could Gardasil HPV Vaccine Lead To Paralysis?
FDA Admits Mercury-Amalgam Hazards - Vid
FDA Orders 'Black Box' Label On Some Antibiotics
Strong Antibiotics Can Harm Tendons
BioWeapons Facts The Feds, Media Will Never Talk About
The Global Financial Crisis For Beginners
Beware Of Drink Mixers Based On Diet Soda
17 Babies Get OD Of Blood Thinner In TX Hospital
UK Family Food Bill Rises $100 In ONE Month
How Prozac Steered Science Of Depression Wrong
Senate OK Immunity For Telecom Eavesdropping
High Food Prices Cut Opposition To GM Food
UK Housebuilders Cut 40% Of Work Force
Diet Drinks - Aspartame Addiction & Weight Gain
Bush Guilty Of Murder 1 - Bugliosi To Congress - Vid
The Energy Non-Crisis  VID
Call To Limit UK Families To 2 Kids Each
Is Soy Causing The 'Gaying' Of America?
US Auto Meltdown - Ford Loses Record $8.7B
Ron Paul - 'The Mother Of All Bailouts' - Vid
CA First State To Ban Trans Fats
Future Of Food Not Looking Good - Vid
Codex Alimentarius & The French Revolution
Poison Fish Sickens People In Florida
Codex Alimentarius And The NWO - Vid
Are Granite Countertops A Health Threat?
Europe Fails To Endorse Milk, Meat From Clones
HIV Drugs 'Add 13 Years Of Life'
Cancer Patient's Recovery Stuns Doctors
Speculators Now Trying Control The Food Supply
High Fructose Corn Syrup - Obesity Engine
Populations Exposed To Environmental Uranium
US Banks Going Straight To Hell On $1.5T Losses
Cancer Doctors Warn Users Of Cell Phones
Heavy Metals Found In Baby Pacifiers - Danger
Audit Finds Massive Waste In Iraq Contracts
EPA Silences Employees On Climate Change
UK Retailers Worst Month In 25 Years
Merrill Lynch Needs $8.5 Billion In Cash
More US College Students Go To Food Banks
Why is America so crazy?  VID
Feds Take Over Two More Failed Banks
Bush Successor Gets Highest US Debt In History
BP Profits Hit Record $13.4 Billion
Autism-Mercury Link - Stronger All The Time
Amazing Child Drowning Prevention - Vid
Motorcyclist Texting While Riding - Vid
Dutch Patient Dies - Tamiflu Resistant H1N1
US Housing Slump 'Worst Since 1930s'
UK Repos Soar 50% To 12 Year High
A Virus That Infects Another Virus
CA Home Schoolers Claim Legal Victory
UV Exposure Only Way To Get Adequate Vitamin D
USDA - Organic Labeling Fraud Increasing
Many Report Symptoms Of EMF Sickness
RFID In Your Clothing And Shoes
BushCo Proposes Easing The Labeling Irradiated Foods
Forgot Your ID? You Must Be A Terrorist
2007 - FDA Proposes Softening Irradiated Food Labels
Scientists Stop The Aging Process
2002 - 'Pasteurization' Could Replace 'Irradiation' On Food Labels
New Test IDs Virus Type In Hours
2001 - FDA Replaces 'Irradiation' With 'Cold Pasteurized'
Zero Privacy Left In UK
History, Background Of Labeling Of Irradiated Foods
Broccoli Cuts Diabetic Heart Disease Risk
CDC Morgellons Timeline
Arthritis Rx To Carry Stronger Warnings...Like Death
Prince Charles - GM Farming Will End In Eco Disaster
UK - HPV Gardasil Circus Of Death Rolled Out
Superbugs - Almost Impossible To Treat
One Awesome Organic Garden - You Can, Too!
Barclaycard unveils plans for paying using your mobile phone,
key fob or fingerprints
Scientists Create Blood From Stem Cells
Ron Paul rejects McCain campaign's plea for endorsement
A Spoonful Of Baking Soda Does Speed You Up
China Buys More US Debt - Greater Losses Ahead
UK Fat Kids 'Should Be Taken From Parents'
Expert - GM Crops 'Only Way To Feed World' (Right)
FDA Says Bisphenol In Cans, Bottles Is Safe (Right...)
9/11/1 To 9/11/8 - Seven Year Tribulation
Fertilisers Killing All Life In Ocean Dead Zones
Besieged High Fructose Corn Syrup Strikes Back
Army Moves Ahead With Mobile Laser Cannon
UK Farmers Face Worst Harvest In 40 Years
Children as Big Pharma Guinea Pigs: 98 Percent of Drug Trials on
Children Have no Safety Checks
EU In Dangerous Game With Civil Liberties
The Worldwide Battle For Water - Vid
Last Chance To Save Free Speech In Canada?
Cams Spy On Hundreds Of UK Classrooms
12 Co's Which Should Lay Off 10,000 This Year
UK Students Show Rage Over Natl ID Cards
Oil prices hit five-month low
US Factory Prices Rise Fastest In 27 years
World’s largest scientific experiment set to begin
HPV Vaccine Kills At Least 21 Girls So Far
Global Warming’s Kaput; 2008 Coolest in 5 Years
Raw City Sewage Used On 50% Of Urban Agriculture
Recession will hit the UK economy this year, warns European Commission
TX School District Will Let Teachers Carry Guns
GM Pigs To Be Bred For Human Transplants
Stem Cell Technology May End Blood Donations
Manufacturers Turn To US For Cheap Labor
US Mint Suspends Gold Coin Sales
Iraq Appeals To Japan For DU Contamination Help
MRSA Outbreak Reported In Prisons
Now US Suspends Sales Of 1 oz Gold Buffalos
Wall St Execs Scored $3 Billion Before The Crash
Magnesium - The Fountain Of Youth & Health
UK House Fall To 50 Year Low
UK School Bans (Sometimes Deadly) Gardasil Vaccine
Aspartame Again Linked Brain Degeneration
What's Next Now That Drugs Don't Work?
Bloomberg Analyst - $700B Bailout Could Go To $5T
US New Home Sales Plunge To 17 Year Low
Melamine Contamination In Aquaculture Industry?
Bailout Can't Hide It - The US Is Broke
Chlorinated Pools Increases Asthma Risk Five-Fold'
Obese Woman Goes Vegan/Raw Food, Loses 160 Lbs
US Army Deployed In US To Stop Citizen Unrest?
New mental health powers threaten rights, claim lawyers
Vaccines: The Deadly Cure - Prison Planet Research Archive
Ron Paul: Bailout Will Destroy Dollar, World Economy VID
Why your mobile should carry a health warning like cigarette
packets because of brain cancer risk
Congress Rejects Bail-Out Plan
2nd lawsuit challenges Obama's citizenship
Avoid Flu Shots, Take Vitamin D Instead
China Given Right To Evict Americans From Homes?
Melamine, Poisons And Bad Science
UK School's 'Gitmo' Cells To Discipline Pupils
Airport admits ’strip search’ body scanners WILL show people naked
Federal Reserve Abolition Act - HR 2755
Smaller Banks Resist Federal Cash Infusions
Huckabee - Chuck Norris Argue Financial Terrorism - Vid
Feds Are Criminalizing Dissent In America
No significant global warming since 1995
Dow Jones Bloodbath Mirroring 1929 Rout
Calls For New Global Financial Order Increase
“Youre Going To Guarantee A Depression!” - Ron Paul vid
New Dangers Of Oral Bacteria
Oil Drops To $69 A Barrel
Some Bottled Water Toxicity Shown To Exceed Law
CBs Announce Unlimited Borrowings
Panic Selling Wipes $5T Off World Shares
Brits Angered By Tree Cameras, Snooping Kids
Army Orders Pain Ray Trucks; New Report Shows ‘Potential for Death’
Some bottled water just as contaminated as tap water: study
Marine Speaks Out On Using DU In Iraq vid
Food Riots Begin All Over The World  vid
US Army Prepares To Invade US - Vid
Army Orders Microwave Pain Ray Trucks
US Holds Bird Flu Vax Over Bioweapon Fears
Vaccine Insanity - Convulsions From Merck Jab
Milk Thistle - A Great Friend For Your Liver
Nanotech Buckyballs Accumulate In Living Tissue
IMF Warns Of World Financial Meltdown
IMF - Markets Could Drop Another 20%
Plastics ingredient (still) linked to smaller penises
EU Wants To Relax Mad Cow Cattle Testing Rules
Glenn Beck Warns Of NWO & World Currency - Vid
Iraq - Another Hiroshima? Investigative report by Maurizio Torrealta vid
Consumers Can Sue Aggressive Debt Collectors
ADHD - Total, 100% Fraud vid
Testosterone Link To Depression In Older Men
Prostate Cancer Treatment Spreads It Thru Body
Ron Paul Wins Re-Election To Congress With 70%
All Home Schooling CA Parents Could Face Jail
Big Pharma Really Makes Me Feel Sick
City Lawmakers Find 'Alarming' Report of Drugs in Water
UK Drivers Face Paying $10 A Gallon
Pharma Faces New UK Laws On Drugs
Monsanto Plays Bully Over Consumer Labeling
New Colon Cancer Screening Recommendations
Morgellons Fibers On Shaved Head - Vid
Blaylock - What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame
New Cam Sees Thru Clothing From 80'
Oil Soars To Near $108 Barrel
Early to bed, early to rise depends on TV
Ingredients In US Vaccines - READ (pdf)
CDC Concedes Secretly that VACCINES have a LINK to AUTISM
Drugs in Drinking Water of at least 41 Million Americans
Religious Investors Call For GM Sugar Boycott
Honeybees 'Wiped Out In 10 Years'
FBI Stops Crime Fighting - Now Spying On US
CA - $74M To Spray Poison Chemicals Over SF
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