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Your fingerprints may soon replace credit cards
DU Ammo Fired In Mideast Worse Than Hiroshima/Nagasaki
150mpg German Concept Car Debuts In Geneva
UK To Mandate (Deadly) HPV Vax For Girls
Vaccinations - Informed Choice?
from drug companies
Kids Forced Into MD Court For Vax - Guard Dogs Stand By
You’re Eating That?
Judge Andrew Napolitano Warns American Sheeple - vid
NutraSweet/Aspatame Induced Genocide
EU To Ban GM Crops?
Are Your Products Safe? - Labels Lie And Omit
Wi-Fi, Wireless Shown To Damage Sleep, Body Functions
Toxic Barium In Chemtrails - What It Means
Tamiflu Causes Behavior Side-Effects & Death
Earth's Eighth Continent - Mass Of Floating Trash In Pacific
Credit Crisis Reveals Manipulation By Top US Banks
120 US War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week
Filament Deposition -San Giuliano Park In Mestre-Venice, Italy
Chemtrail Material In Texas & Italy & Morgellons Update
Parents Warned - Remove Additives From Kids Food
HR 1955 Opposed By Both Left And Right
MD Schools To Make Big $ Forcing Vax On Children
Germans Begin To Catch On To Chemtrails
Vaccines Ruined By Poor Refrigeration
Wow!  Here Comes Robo Cop  Vid
USDA Plans To Irradiate (Nuke) ALL Raw Greens
Acrylamides Linked To Cancer In Women
IIlegal Aliens Cause Massive Cuts For US Seniors
Pentagon Poised To Resume Open Air BioWeapons Testing
The NAU - Doublespeak And Lies Vs Reality - Vid
500 Oz Girls Suffer Gardasil Reactions
Honey Better For Coughs Than Meds
Raisins Poison For Dogs
40 Million In US Can't Afford Health Care
Junk Food Trash Breakfast Ruining UK Schools
Brits Pay $3M In Fines To Trash Can Cops
CA Students Flee Forced Gay Public School Agenda
Rothschilds & Rockefellers - Trillionaires Of The World
UK - 300,000 Cancer Cases A Year
Vaccines Allowed To Spoil, Thousands Kids At Risk
Obesity Blamed For Record Childbirth Deaths
Chemicals In Some Chinese Flip-Flops - Beware
People Are Dangerously Ignorant Of Electronic Radiation
US Mortgage Late Payments At 20 Year High
Fat Kids Face Increase Heart Attack, Stroke Risks
Flu Doubles Heart Attack Risks - No Mention Of Flu Vax
Food Prices Climbing With No End In Sight
28 Women Miscarry After HPV Vax - FDA: No Problem
Bisphenol A From Plastic 'Dangerous Levels' In Baby Formula
What Happens? GIs Who Commit Mass Murder?
Feds Want Book Buying Records From Amazon
Foreclosures Set Record - 994,000 Households Hit
It's The Law - Rat Poison Must Be Added To Milk
Polars Bears On The Brink? Don't Believe It
Petitions Urge EPA To Regulate Aircraft Emissions
It Just Gets Crazier - Airports Offering Flu Shots
Ron Paul - HR 1955 (Now S. 1959) An Attack On Net Freedom
FDA Tries To Scare People Away From Stevia
Florida Just First To Face National Run On Bank
Consumer Outrage Forces PA Retreat On 'rGBH-Free' Labels
Alzheimer's Victims Given 'Zombie' Drugs
Grocery Chain Bans High Fructose Corn Syrup
Amazing Art
Mystery Meat Macrophotography
25% Of US Birds In Urgent Need Of Help - EMF/Cell Radiation?
CA Life-Giving Raw Milk Goes Illegal March 2008
Cell Phone Towers Hidden In Fake Trees
Software Creates Employee Psych Profiles From Emails
UK Mom Fined $800 For Trash Can In Wrong Place
Where does stored nuclear waste go?
Cell Phone Radiation Poses Serious Health Risk
Blackwater's Plans For Base In SoCal Draw Criticism
Many Pharmacists Now Administer Vaccinations
Death by Vaccination
Aspartame (Nutrasweet): FDA lists 92 Symptoms!
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Makes you Fat
Investors take aim at plastic products
Morgan Stanley Issues Full US Recession Alert
Healthcare Practice with 30,000+ Unvaccinated Children has NO cases of Autism
Breastfeeding Increases the IQ of 90% of Children by 7 POINTS.
Warning Labels May be Placed on Caffeinated Drinks
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: What Are Drugmakers Hiding?
An Evaluation of Liquid Vitamin-Mineral Supplement Technology
Vaccine Politics
Ron Paul Warns Middle Class Being "Wiped Out" In Final Debate VID
How Software Rigged The 2000 Election - Vid
75% Of Physicians Refuse Chemotherapy
Mammograms - Worthless, Unneeded, Dangerous Radiation
German Teens Caught Kissing In Public Face Jail
Internet Scam Warnings
It's Official:TV Causes Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
George Carlin On The REAL Owners Of America - Vid
The Five Most Common Heavy Metals And What they are Doing to Us
Cramer And Ron Paul On CNBC  VID
Merck Scientist Admits Injecting Cancer Viruses - Vid
FDA And HPV - When Did They Know The Truth?
Copper: What aneurysms, white hair, and wrinkles have in common
US Foreclosure Filings Up 68 Pct in Nov.
One of the Most Bizarre Faces You Will Ever See
Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
Chemtrail Weather Control - NBC4 investigating Chemtrails in the San
Bernardino mountains CA,USA.  VID
CT Scans Increase Risks Of Cancer
HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed
Psychiatry - An Industry of Death - FULL DOCUMENTARY VID
Top Scientists - 'Manmade Warming' Is A Dangerous Lie
Fish Farming In China In Toxic Waters
US Food Inflation At A 25 Year High
Lack Of Sunlight Tied To Higher Lung Cancer Risk
UK Schoolgirls Get Morning After Pill By Flashing 'Modesty Cards'
600,000 Die Of Lung Cancer In China Every Year
Food Irradiation - 'Protecting' Us? - Herbs Next?
Beaming The Voice Of God Into Your Head
Contaminated vaccine may cause cancer
UK Drivers - 2 Yrs In Jail For Cell Use Or Smoking
Ron Paul's DVD - Over 60,000 Sold In 72 Hours
Medical system is leading cause of death and injury in US
Are 'Spot-On' Flea Killers Safe? No Say Experts
Coffee With Cream...And Pesticide?
Carcinogen Found In LA Water Reservoirs
Crisis may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park'
Another Merck Product Recalled
Debate Escalates Over Chemical In Platic Bottles, Cans
Dr.Blaylock Warms Again About NutraSweet/Aspartame
World's Biggest Building Coming To Moscow
TV News Report On Danger Of Fluoride - Vid
The Great Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Hoax Exposed Vid
New super-cameras mean no hiding for drivers who smoke, eat or use a phone
Worms Infect More Americans Than Thought
Even Scientists Say Broccoli Can Cure Cancer
Smokers Who Don't Eat Carrots 3x Risk Of Cancer
Allergy To Medicines 'Is Killing Thousands'
NJ Mandates HIV Tests For Pregnant Women
Time To Ban Smoking In Cars - UK Govt Advisor
Ron Paul Could Do Well In New Hampshire
Without Dietary Fat, You Can't Absorb Vitamins A, D, E, K
Aspartame Turns Tissues To Plastic
Pictures Of Dental Fluorosis
Disgraced Former FDA Official Now Marketing Lilly Drug
Honey And Healing
Parents Defend School's Use Of Shock Therapy
Scientific American - Second Thoughts On Fluoride
#1 Health Rule - Don't Get Jabbed With Gardasil
Superconductivity - Creating A New State Of Matter
Ban On Junk Food Ads Introduced In UK
UK House Prices Will Drop 10% In 2008
Why The Era Of Cheap Food Is Over
U.S. worries keep investors wary, gold sets record high
New Interactive Ron Paul Revolution Blog Site Launches
Gold Hits 28 Year Record High
Crude Oil Hits $100 A Barrel
UK Couple 'Terrorists' For Taking Pix Of Grandkids
Dollar Fear Sparks Rush To Oil And Gold
UK Fuel Prices Hit All Time High
Alert over the march of the 'grey goo' in nanotechnology Frankenfoods
Thousands Exposed To Poison By Govt's Aerial Spraying
Asian Stocks Fall On Fears Of US Recession
Voting Groups Urge Demands For Paper Ballots
Pound Hits Record Low Against Euro
Larry King Ron Paul Interview Pulled - See It Here
Cocaine “Vaccine” May Be Pushed As Inoculation
Mental Toll Of War Hits US Woman Soldiers
Nonfat, Low-Fat Milk Linked To Cancer
UK Docs Hide True Superbug Hospital Death Toll
UK Soccer Stadium Like A Police State
Microsoft To Patent System To Spy On Workers
A New Documentary About The End Of All Disease - Vid
Thousands Exposed To Poison By Govt's Aerial Spraying
Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman
and Inmates (1845 - 2007)
Cloned Livestock Poised For FDA Clearance
NY Crow Die-Off Linked To Avian Virus
Feds To Determine If You Will Be Allowed To Fly
IBM Hit With $100M Lawsuit Over Pollutants
AIDS - SA Young People Are 'Dying Like Flies'
The True Cost Of Cheap Chicken - Vid
Hopsicker - Last Month In The World Of Drugs
Health Warning Issued Over 'Green Bulbs' For Lights
How One Angry American Dealt With Illegal Mexicans -Vid
Long-Living AIDS Patients Face Many Disorders
Carnicom - A Fourth Morgellons 'Fiber' Match Confirmed
Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac At Risk Of Failure
Is Your Doctor Prescribing Placebos?
Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)
Healthy Habits Add 14 Years
Food Riots Of The 21st Century
Great Lakes Not Clean Until ALL Pesticides Banned
Sunshine Is Good - Top Skin Cancer Scientist
Experimental Drugs Flourish In China
A Soldier's Words - Vid
Stopping Cars with Radiation-A beam of microwave energy could
stop vehicles in their tracks
Navy Researching Vomit Beam
New Weapons Freeze & Microwave Enemies
Curative action of ascorbic acid on the neurological toxicity of MSG
France best, U.S. worst in preventable death ranking
$100 A Barrel? What's The True Cost Of Gasoline?
Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed
Oil $200 Options Rise 10-Fold in Bet on Higher Crude
Vitamin D From Sun Protects Heart And Bones
UK Couple 'Terrorists' For Taking Pix Of Grandkids
Citicorp Refuses to Process Firearms Transactions
Mitsubishi Electric Car - Vid
Crude Oil Hits $100 A Barrel
Disease Threatens Mass Extinction Of Frogs
Microsoft Seeks Patent For Office Spyware
Homebuilding - Sharpest Drop In 27 Years
US $53 Trillion In Debt To SS, Medicare, Medicaid VID
Cancer Drugs Found In Tap Water
Serious Questions Open Way For Ban On GMO Corn
FDA Destroys Incriminating Records On Aspartame
CDC Buying 10 Million Doses Of Toxic Gardasil
DU From Foreign Nations Brought To US
US Hospitals Have 10X More MRSA Than Thought
'Secret' Plan To 'Microchip' Babies In US, Europe
Inflation Goes Worldwide
Comcast Gets US FCC Note On Blocking Web Traffic
Wounded Vets Trade One Hell For Another
Chemtrails Over America's Playgrounds
Citigroup & Merrill Lynch At Risk Of Bankruptcy?
**FDA Plans To Eliminate Vitamin Supplement Companies**
'Natural' & 'All Natural' Not Always 'Better'
Morgellons Victim Regularly Donates Blood
Cell Tower Taken Off Apt Bldg After 7 Get Cancer
Gold Prices Set For 1,000 Dollars In 2008
FDA Forces Food From Cloned Animals On Public
Call For Nanotech Ban In Certified Organics
Is Plastic Making Us Fat?
Scientist Makes Clones Of Himself From Skin Cells
Human-Animal Embryos Get Go Ahead
OTC Cold Remedies Could Be Fatal For Kids
Cell Phones Ruin Sleep & Overnight Recovery
Parasites That Control Behavior
Bacteria Sprinting Away From Drugs
RUSSIA'S military chief: Moscow could use nuclear weapons if threatened
Doctors Often Prescribe Placebos - Study
Kids Are Not As Healthy As Their Parents
Morgellons Disease - Living With A Nightmare (pdf)
USDA Wants Clone Food Out Of The Market
Drug 'Can Reverse Alzheimers' In Minutes
The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children VID
NYC Trying To Ban Geiger Counters
Hawaii Moves To Ban Aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal, Etc)
'Huge' Gas Field Discovered Off Brazil
Chronic Stress Pushes Heart Disease Up 68%
VA House Puts Mandatory HPV Vaccine On 2 Yr Hold
The Five Most Common Heavy Metals And What They are Doing to Us
Criminal Bush Pardons Himself, Staff Against War CrimesVID
Bank Of America Profits Drop 95 Percent
Low vitamin E levels linked to greater physical decline
The Killer Vaccines An Honest Physician Warns of Serious Dangers
FDA Censorship: Freedom on Trial
Scientists Claim Human Clone Created
Antidepressants Under Scrutiny Over Efficacy
AT&T Looking at Internet Filtering
How Did We End Up With Such God-Awful Food?
Global Markets Plunge On US Recession Fears
Ron Paul Blames Fed For Weakening Economy
EU Lawyers Stop Poland's Bid To Ban GM Seeds
When Governments Print Money, Buy Gold
Great Dangers to Mind & Body from Fluoride
Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Dangerous Vaccines
Random Breath Tests For UK Motorists
Low Fat Dietary Pattern and Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer PDF
Vitamin E 'helps older people move'
Western Diet Boosts Colon Cancer Risk 300%
Autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's: The Vaccine Link Uncovered
Researcher Links Asthma To Early Vaccination
Chemical Food Additives Slowly Killing Children?
Two More Girls Die After Gardasil Vaccinations
Lipitor Spokesman Investigated By Congress
Cloned Meat Sparks Major Consumer Campaign
Fish Recall Due to Botulism - NY, NJ & MD
Gold Hits All-Time High
Ron Paul: "We Must Continue This Fight"
Infamous Ads From The Past
Alex Jones covers Fluoride w/ Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange Vid
Senior Citizen HIV Cases Rise In Puerto Rico
New Home Sales Fall More Than Expected
80% Of Black Babies Born To Unwed MothersTreatment
The Homosexual Movement and Pedophilia
UK Admits Tapping 1,000 Civilian Phones A Day
Going bankrupt: The US's greatest threat
TV News Report On Fluoride Poisoning VID
Bill Calls for Sugar-Substitute Ban
Cancer-Causing Benzene Still in Drinks
The Age of Autism: Julia
Danger & Nutritional Depletion From Birth Control Pills
Gel 'to speed up wound healing'
A Bad Market? You Ain't Seen Nothin'
Infrared Helmet Could Turn Back Symptoms Of Alzheimer's
Harmful Pesticides In Everyday Food Products
Morgellons - Coming Soon To A Loved One Near You?
Hot Water Releases Plastic Baby Bottle Toxins
US Drops 100,000 Lbs DU Bombs On Iraq In 10 Days         
Dirty Secret - Hand Gel Doesn't Stop Germs
Wesley Snipes Wins - Acquitted Of Tax Fraud
Was Heath Ledger's Death Tied Into Diet Coke Aspartame?
UK Govt Orders Fluoride Added To Water !
Cancer Cells Scream When Exposed To Infrared
Clinton Health Plan May Mean Tapping Pay
US Recession Will Dwarf The DotCom Crash
Duping US - How The Media Messes With Your Mind
Science Admits Rife's Brilliance Can Destroy Viruses
The Astonishing Dimensions Of US Debt - Vid
A Vaccine For High Blood Pressure - Madness
Bush Unveils $3.1 Trillion Budget
US Troops Asked If They'd Shoot US Citizens
FDIC Gearing Up For Large Bank Failure?
Fish Toxin Causes Illness In Americans
Ice Cream Firm Pushes for Hormone Labels
Stop & Search Or Get Fired UK Cops Told
Gulf States To Drop Dollar On Fed Action
Diabetes Study Partially Halted After Deaths
Futuristic toy car runs on tap water
UK Pushes Contraceptive Implants On Teens
New York Stores Now Accept Euros
Pacific's Floating Trash Dump 'Bigger Than US'
UK Govt Accused Of Lying About Fluoride
HIV Passed Mother-To-Child Via Pre-Chewed Food
Willie Nelson Doesn't Buy The 911 Lie - Vid
Egomaniac Thug Cop Assaults 14 Year Old Kid vid
Salmonella Found In Frozen Hawaii Ahi Fish
Low-Cal Sweeteners More Fattening Than Sugar
Germany First To Admit Clandestine Chemtrail Ops
Science Admits Rife's Brilliance Can Destroy Viruses
Ron Paul On The Coming Economic Collapse - Vid
UK Antidepressant Use Soars 'Out Of Control'
Tamiflu Resistance Rises In US
Flu Shot Farce Questions As Cases Increase
Aspartame Tied To Diabetes, Obesity, High BP, Chol
Lipitor Ad Doctor Uses Body Double
End In Sight For Deadly Mammograms
MSG And Aspatame - A Personal Story
What Chemtrails Are Doing To Our Air
Ron Paul On The 'Soft Fascism' In America - Vid
Carnicom Research On Morgellons
Botox Linked To Children's Deaths
Fluoride, Teeth And A Bogus Argument
Vets Not Entitled To Mental Health Care!
This is What A Police State Looks Like - Vid
GMO Plantings Rising Fast - Risks Worsening
Hawaii Ban Aspartame Bill Killed For 2008
VA Town Bans Chemical, Radioactive Bodily Trespass
OPEC considers dumping US dollar
Non-Stick Cookware Emits Toxic Chemical
Prof Randy Pausch - His Last Lecture - Vid
PCC Natural Markets Says No To Cloned Meat
Bay Area Pesticide (Human) Spraying To Resume
White Bread Crippling UK Swans
UK Wants To Make Smokers To Get Permit
Troubled Waters - Our Planet - Vid
Police Say Illinois Shooter Stopped Medication
Important Quotes
Adobe Flash Player - Third Party Spyware Parasites
Why we should sterilise teenage girls ... temporarily at least
F.D.A. Seeks to Broaden Range of Use for Drugs
Baxter Halts 'Heparin' Blood-Thinner Production
Cell Phone Cancer Link Found By Israeli Scientist
UK GM Crop Locations May Be Hidden From Public
Natural Medicines Safest Way To Avoid Death
Major US Doctors Group Backs Medical Marijuana
Fish Devastated By Sex-Changing Wastewater Chemicals
Adults On Hyperactive Drugs Hit Record Level
Vitamin Deficiency May Cause Many Diseases
Depleted Uranium In The Strait Of Georgia
FDA ties pneumonia deaths to infant vaccine
New, Safe Natural Sweeteners Coming Into Market
Every School Shooter Since Columbine On Psych Meds
Most Of 143 MILLION Lbs Of Mad Cow Beef Eaten
Meningococcal Vaccine Dangers
Free Energy - A 'Dangerous' Reality - Vid
Japanese Investors Dump Dollar At Record Rate
Brits To Get Routine Metal Detector Screening
How Not To Release A Bear
US Credit Markets Collapsing!
Amtrak To Search Passengers - Armed Guards, Dogs Added
Heavy mobile phone use a cancer risk
Consequences of GM crop contamination 'set to worsen'
World Awakens To Danger Of Artificial Sweeteners
Permits Now Needed For Freedom Of Choice
Think You Know About Google? - Vid
USDA Orders Biggest Beef Recall - (Mad Cow Worry)
Pfizer Pulls 'Statin' Cholesterol Ad With Dr. Jarvik
Significant Milk Thistle Anti-Cancer Effect Proven
Fruit Content Of 'Fruit Snacks' Often Non-Existent
Americans Chow Down On A Diet Of Mystery
Phaseout Of Radiation Devices In Medicine Urged
Study Casts Severe Doubt On Anti-Depressants
Images Of Iran
Get Your Money Out Of The Bank
Greenspan Tells Gulf To Drop Dollar
Consumers Gripe About Bad Taste Of Sleep Meds
UK Drug Giants Warned - Tell The Truth On Meds
Robot Wars A Reality In 10 Years
Forcing Pharma To Post Neg Trial Results Is 'Illegal'
Gas Prices Soar, Pose Threat To Family Budget
Male Infertility Linked To Cell Phone Use
Has Anti-Depressant Myth Bubble Burst?
ABC News Reports On Wheat Shortage - Vid
Gardasil HPV Vaccine A Hard Sell
Oil Surges Above $102 - Dollar Weakens Further
Gold hits record high on tumbling dollar, firm oil
How To Grow Fantastic Vegan Food Indoors
CDC Ghouls Try To Force Flu Vax On ALL Kids 6 Mo-18
Bush Calls Domestic Spying Bill 'Urgent Priority'
Record-High Ratio Of Americans In Prison
Diabetes Treatment Increases Death Risk
Gold At New High, Silver 27 Yr High On Dollar's Fall
Poison Homes - PCB Toxins In Older Wood Floors
All U.S. kids should get flu vaccine, panel says
Childhood vaccine linked to convulsions
Tamiflu's Effects On Your Brain
Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court - Now What?
Is Inflation Leading to Panic?
Cloned Animal Food OK 'Appallingly Irresponsible'
New Merck Vax For Kids Tied To Seizures, Fever
Ron Paul - Bernanke Deliberately Destroying Dollar - Vid
US Government Admits Vaccine-Autism Link
How Cops Confiscated Guns After Katrina - Vid
Only 1 In 4 Know Heart Attack Signs
GM Crop Contamination Consequences To Worsen
Big Pharma - Mercury Is Good For You! - Vid
Sharply Higher Food Prices On The Way
CCTV Cam Busting IFR Headset Hides Your Identity
Seeds of Deception, an explosive exposé that documents the significant
health dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods and the intense industry
influence and political corruption that allow them on the market. VID
Chemo A FRAUD -More Evidence It's WORTHLESS
Meacher - The 'War On Terrorism Is Bogus'
How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Commodity prices at historic heights
Ron Paul Interview on FOX Business Channel 02/28/2008 VID
US Life Expectancy Drops To 29th In World - 69.3 Yrs
Are Your Savings & Investments Safe From Bank Failures?
Fed Chairman Bernanke Predicts Bank Failures
Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration
Doctors are the THIRD Leading Cause of DEATH in the USA
How to Have Whatever You Want
Why Fluoride Is Toxic
Student suspended 10 days for taking vitamins
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