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GM Foods

Genetically Modified Foods


GM Foods

How are you affected when a corporation is given a patent on ‘nature’?

What does it mean to have a patent on nature?

When genetically modified plants and animals are patented their offspring or seeds will carry the patented gene. When these plants and animals cross pollinate/ breed with natural plants and animals their offspring and seeds also carry the patented gene. Because of the laws governing the patent no person shall infringe upon the patent without penalty. Because of open air pollination everything that is food we grow will be the full ownership of the company holding the patent. You may not have in your possession patented seeds or plants or animals without having entered into a licensing agreement and paid a fee to the patent holder. Imagine that… Just to have and grow food. Total dependence to the patent holder. Just like dependence on Big Oil. We still have to address the health risks, which are many.

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