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Model FL3000

he FreshLife Sprouter is great for lovers of growing wheatgrass and raising sprouts. The FreshLife uses an Automatic sprinkling system to spray water on the seeds and circulate air to promote growth.

This unit is easy to use and clean, only costing pennies a day to operate. Organic seed, of course, will ensures a fresh, chemical and pesticide free harvest


  •    Automatic Watering – Waters for 5 minutes three times per hour
  •    Eliminates Need to Pre-Soak Seeds
  •    Adjustable Water Pressure
  •    Easy-to-Clean Pads for Growing Wheatgrass
  •    Lighted On and Off Switch
  •    BPA-Free Plasticome Estimated Growing Times
  •    Expandable to Grow up to 3 Barrels Simultaneously

Some Estimated Growing Times

  •    Alfalfa 5-6 days
  •    Broccoli 5-6 days
  •    Corn 5-6 days
  •    Mung beans 4-5 days
  •    Radish Seeds 5-6 days
  •    Sesame 5-6 days
  •    Soybeans 4-5 days
  •    Sunflower 5-6 days
  •    Wheat 4-5 days
  •    Most Seeds in General 4-7 days


  •    Dimensions – 11.2″ Dia x 13.5″ H
  •    Standiing Weight 7.5 pounds
  •    BPA-FREE
  •    The FreshLife Sprouter is for indoor use only
  •    Voltate 110V; 50 Hz; 15 Watt
  •    Use in room temperatures of 65°F to 85°F(18.3°C ~ 29.4°C)
  •    Sole purpose of growing sprouts and cereal grasses, and for no other purposes.
  •    Additional barrels available so you can grow additional sprouts all the time.  
  •    The Fresh Life can be maximized with a total of 3 barrels.  That’s 3 levels high.
  •    Manufacturers 1 Year Limited Warranty

The picture below shows what you receive in the
standard package for $159.95.  However 2 additional
barrels may be added for 39.95 each.  

EasyGreen "LITE" Auto-Misting Sprouter EGL 50


EasyGreen out of Stock until further notice Please scroll down to the FreshLife sprouter


EasyGreen "LITE" Auto-Misting Sprouter EGL 50

Model – EGL 50

The EasyGreen “Light” Sprouter (EGL 50) is one of the most convenient devices for growing sprouts, micro-greens, wheatgrass, grasses for
juicing, and many other seedlings. The automatic water mister, sprouting enclosure, and drainage system help ensure a healthy, consistent, yet
flexible, growing environment.  


  •    Patented Mist Generator technology simultaneously distributes mist and oxygen to seeds and sprouts.
  •    Water Tank feeds mister up to 36 hour supply depending on timer and environmental conditions
  •    Plugs on top of water take for easy filling
  •    Special timer allows 15 minute misting cycles up to 48 times per day accommodating meteorological conditions and varying seed requirements.
  •    5 Individual Seed Trays allow growing a variety of sprouts at one time
  •    Seed Trays drain into the bed helping seeds and sprouts from becoming over saturated
  •    Automatic bed drain helps prevent over saturation and the potential of mold
  •    Airflow Lid allows for airflow in growing compartment
  •    Lid has handle for easy access to growing compartment.
  •    Modular construction allows easy assembly and cleaning or most parts
  •    OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE is a large tray which is handy for a single large crop

What is Included:

  •    EasyGreen Light Sprouter Model EGL 50
  •    Mist Generator with Air Filter
  •    5 ea Food Grade Plastic Cartridges
  •    96 Activation Timer – 110v/60Hz
  •    Set of Plugs for water tank
  •    Drainage Connection and Tube
  •    Installation Instructions


  •    Model EGL 50
  •    Dimensions  22″ L x 16″ W x 7.0″ H
  •    Growing Area – 14.5″ x 13.75″
  •    Standing Weight: 8.5 Lbs
  •    EGL and Timer Power 110V 60Hz; standard USA plug
  •    Power Draw  10 Watts
  •    CE Certified; BPA Free Certified
  •    Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  •    Mister 1 year; Plastic Parts 2 years

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